happy 4th of july live healthy and stay happy


Summer holidays are the best!  Hot days, warm nights, friends, family, dancing, eating, celebrating.  We want you to have a happy 4th of July as an In Demand Woman who takes care of herself mind, body and soul.


Read these quick 7 tips to make this 4th of July the best yet!  No guilt, no false expectations, no self-sabotage


Tip 1: Ditch the Guilt

woman eating cupcake no guilt no self sabotage eat in moderation

Are you the girl who immediately says, “I shouldn’t have eaten that!” as soon as you pop a treat into your mouth???  STOP BEING THAT GIRL! 


Treats are fine as long as you eat them in moderation!  If you are justifying a morning donut Monday through Friday, you have some habits to change.  But that beautifully decorated 4th of July cupcake when you are at the neighborhood block party is not worth a second thought.


Guilt leads to stress, stress leads to increased cortisol production, increased cortisol leads to your body holding onto fat.  Therefore, eat that cupcake without guilt….just limit yourself to 1!


Tip 2: Get some extra shuteye

women need 7 to 9 hours of sleep for optimal health sleep reduces stress and increases energy

As an In Demand Woman you are constantly fighting the clock and looking to gain back some time.  Right???  When a holiday like 4th of July falls mid-week and you get an extra day off work…use it to your advantage!


Don’t set your alarm clock and let your body wake up when it wants to naturally.  Our bodies need an average of 7-9 hours per night to have optimal health.  Chances are you are not getting that regularly.  Take advantage and sleep in!


What about an afternoon nap?  Do you remember those blissful moments???  They only happen few and far between so plan for an hour or two this holiday and restore and recharge!


Tip 3: Get creative in the kitchen!

cooking is a fun way to be creative and holidays like 4th of july are a great time to cook for your family

Are you heading to a BBQ or hosting a party?  What’s a better opportunity to try a new recipe or experiment with some different ingredients than a holiday with friends and family?


Need some inspiration?  Check out our 4th of July Pinterest board for all sorts of culinary creations to satisfy either your sweet tooth or salty taste buds!


If you come up with something great, make sure you share with us in the comments below.


Tip 4: Shake it baby!

dancing is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle to have fun exercise and reduce stress

When was the last time you danced?  If that took you more than 30 seconds to answer, you need to start dancing NOW!


Turn on your favorite jams and start dancing.  Whether you have a spouse, roommates, children, a live-in partner…get them to join you as you all twirl and shake.  Make it even more fun and add some fancy moves or even learn how to twerk.



Tip 5:  Let your Sassy Side come out and play

orgasms are so good for women to increase happiness and reduce stress have some extra intimate time on 4th of july

Making time for intimacy in the middle of the day is the BEST!!!  Most days this isn’t possible with work, family and household responsibilities.


On this July 4th holiday, have some fun and flirt with your partner.  Close the door for a few minutes and enjoy some intimate touching, naked dancing or whatever else gets your SASSY side revved up.


Or…take some time just for youOrgasms are one of the best ways for women to release stress and anxiety.  So loosen up Sister and have some fun by yourself, with your partner or make it a combination of both!


Tip 6: Stay hydrated

staying hydrated is so important for health and wellness drink extra water on holidays like 4th of july

Ok, well this tip can apply to any aspect of your healthy lifestyle, but It’s even more important on a summer holiday like 4th of July when you are out in the sun, eating yummy food and drinking alcoholic beverages.


Rule of thumb is always drink one glass of water for each cocktail.  And don’t forget to bring your water bottle with you to the beach or potluck! 


Water is super important, but so are the electrolytes.  Have you tried Ultima for replenishing your electrolytes?  We love it because it tastes great, has natural ingredients and is great for your healthy lifestyle!


Tip 7: Enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

being outdoors is great for the mind body and spirit

Sometimes it’s hard to be outdoors as much as we would like.  When you spend most of your time in an office or driving your kids around town, the great outdoors can seem like a mirage!


Get outside this 4th of July and move your body!  Take a hike, go for a swim, walk by the beach or a lake.  A mid-week holiday is a gift of time for you to fuel your soul and do something out of the ordinary.


Make sure you protect your skin (we love this sunblock!), wear your awesome shades and soak up some sun.



firework on 4th of july

Holidays aren’t just about partying like a drunken sailor during Fleet week.  Use these 7 tips to celebrate, have fun and make the most out of your 4th of July holiday that will make you feel great. 


Plus, you won’t be spending the following day nursing a hangover and feeling like crap!


Wishing you a fun-filled, safe and SASSY 4th of July!  Comment below and let us know how YOU are celebrating!


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