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Are you Sassy Healthy Fit?


Let’s break it down, Sister so you know why you are here!


Sassy: A Sassy woman likes to shine!  She loves to have fun, surround herself with charismatic, uplifting women.  She is confident and dresses the part.  She has her own sense of style…and we are not just talking fashion.  Sassy is a woman who doesn’t give a F*#K what others think… she is in love with who she is and she returns the love with energy, grace, enthusiasm and passion to those in her presence!


Healthy: A Healthy woman knows her body is deserving of living the best life.  She knows that good health doesn’t just mean eating salads and working out.  NO WAY!  A healthy woman takes care of herself mind, body and spirit.  She enjoys fueling her body with nutritious foods, practicing daily rituals that spark joy and gratitude and she wants to thrive all day, every day!


Fit: A Fit woman lives an active lifestyle.  After all, she is an In Demand Woman and needs to be able to keep up with all the demands she chooses to have on her time.  Whether the Fit woman likes to spend time at the gym, workout at home, challenge herself in a race or practice functional movement throughout the day, she focuses on leveraging the power her body possesses.  Fit means living an active lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same.


At Sassy Healthy Fit, we are about all of these woman… and they are YOU!  You are an In Demand Woman and you are complex.  Your energy is abundant and you thrive because you choose to do so.  We welcome you into our tribe and look forward to connecting to you in whatever ways speak to your spirit.



How can Sassy Healthy Fit serve YOU?


Are you a blog-junkie?  Do you love to read up on the latest trends, motivational pieces and reviews?  Do you seek out articles that fire you up and inspire you to make change in your daily life?  If so, our website and blog is the place for you!  Make sure you are signed up on our e-mail list (don’t worry girl… we won’t be spamming you!) so you get our weekly motivation, updates and notifications of all new blog posts!


More of a community chick?  Do you thrive on connecting with other Bad Ass women and want to develop solid friendships with your people?  Then our Facebook community is for you!  Empowered to Live My Sassy Life is just that… a growing tribe of Sassy women that share with each other, seek out information and connect about real shit that happens in REAL LIFE.  We all need a sisterhood… welcome to the Sassy Tribe!


Prefer YouTube video interviews that are Hot AF?  Are you obsessed with all things digital and looking for the latest trends in Sassy information?  Our Sassy AF TV on YouTube is exactly what you need!  Each week we interview Sassy AF women who are killing it in their fields.  From self-care to intimacy to pole dancing and everything in between, Sassy AF TV pushes the envelope and discusses topics you always WANT to talk about but for some reason NO ONE IS…. Until now!


Of course, you know we are also all about the social media so you can connect with us everywhere @sassyhealthyfit.


Bottom line….Sassy Healthy Fit is here for you!  We want you to thrive, live your life to its fullest and be your own hero.  We are not here to sugar-coat or tell you “it’s OK to settle”.  We are here to push your comfort zone so that you feel amazing AF and you love your life in all aspects.


We are so thrilled to welcome you to our tribe, our community, our sisterhood.  Thank you for joining us!



How did Sassy Healthy Fit begin?

Hallie Avolio president sassy healthy fit

Hallie Avolio started Sassy Healthy Fit after she experienced an epic melt-down in a dressing room with horrific lighting.  Sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true!  From that awful day in the dressing room a personal revolution was born.  A revelation that Hallie had when she said “Fuck this!  I’m tired of fighting off my demons!”  Hallie picked up her own pieces and started truly taking care of herself mind, body and spirit.


Her two year journey included a ton of personal development reading, some radical nutritional changes and a commitment to loving herself wholly and completely.  Hallie realized that In Demand Women are often not paid attention to.  They are the forgotten demographic.


They are the women who are expected to take care of others, so who takes care of them?  The answer: We take care of ourselves!  And Sassy Healthy Fit was born!  Hallie took her personal journey from despair to freedom and has shared it with you to create a space for In Demand Women to thrive and say “I’m going to put myself first” without any guilt.


Hallie is the mom to 3 wild, crazy and lovable children and has been married to her best friend Paul for 16 years.  She lives in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA in a house that is too small, yet just the right size.  Hallie loves listening to music, taking walks on the bluffs right outside her front door, beach therapy, time with friends, dancing, chocolate and of course, coffee.  Hallie is a Leo and her energy is infectious!  She has often been questioned how she does “all the things” and her answer is always “I just do!”


Let’s break it down, Sister so you know why you are here!
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