7 Sassy AF Tips to Create a Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle

7 Sassy AF tips to create a sustainable fitness lifestyle for women


When it comes to fitness impact and types of exercise training, there are so many rules!  It is confusing and daunting to know what fitness tips to follow and even the reason why it is important to exercise.  For example, here are some fitness tips for women we hear often:


Lift weights

Lift heavy, but not so heavy you sacrifice form

Don’t go heavy and focus on reps for toning

Cardio is the best for heart health

Don’t do cardio because it doesn’t do any good

Only do HIIT workouts for cardio in short bursts

Don’t get your heart rate up too high

Take your workout outside

Only run on soft surfaces, not concrete

Only run on the treadmill to protect your knees

Don’t use the stair stepper it’s bad for your joints

Run stadiums to maximize your workout

Take classes to increase motivation

Workout with a personal trainer to learn how to do it right

Have an accountability partner

Workout solo to get some alone time

Watch a TV show while you workout for distraction

Stay focused while working out and don’t use distractions


How Do I Know Where To Begin

Is your head spinning?  Are you confused?  What should you focus on?  Where should you start?  Just when you think you have it figured out, you read or hear some new information that makes you question what you are doing and you get derailed in your process.  For instance, you try something new, only to immediately feel frustrated and that you need a break.  A break turns into a week off, a week off turns into a month and before you know it, 6 months have lapsed since you had an intentional workout.


We want to help make your fitness lifestyle simple, sustainable and fun.  We want you to feel intentional and motivated to make it just that…a lifestyle.  Fitness is not a destination.  Fitness is moving your body with purpose, consistently to improve your overall health…mind, body and soul.  Let’s unravel the mysteries to how you make fitness a lifestyle versus a quick fix you implement when you want to lose 10 pounds before that beach vacation (we have all done it right?)!


7 Fitness tips for Women to Create Your Fitness Lifestyle

Here are 7 fitness tips to help you incorporate fitness into your everyday life and make it a habit that you look forward to!


Fitness Tip #1: Consistency

consistency is an important fitness tip of women

Consistency is key to creating sustainability.  As Darren Hardy explains in The Compound Effect, “Small, Smart choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE.”  If you are not consistent in your fitness, how are you going to achieve the results you want and see the changes you are yearning to see?  That all sounds well and good, but how do you make something consistent?  First, you must figure out your WHY.  We talk about this a lot because mindset and motivation is number one when it comes to living your healthy lifestyle.  If you don’t know why you are doing it, how are you going to keep going?


Maybe your why is because you have a family history of illness that you are hoping to overcome.  Maybe your why is because you want to keep up with your young children who are active and playful.  Maybe your why is because you desire the happiness that comes with living healthier.


Whatever your why is, decide it and own it!  Write it down!  Put it on sticky notes at your desk.  Write it on your mirror in your bathroom.  Start your journal with your why every day.  When you see it, say it, write it and read it, your why will become ingrained in your mind.  Your brain is a powerful tool that can be your biggest asset and cheerleader on your healthy, fitness lifestyle journey.  However, you have to fuel your brain with the RIGHT information and remind it what you are after.


Next, you have to figure out HOW to be consistent.  One easy way: schedule it in your calendar.  Blocking time is the BEST way to stay consistent with anything and your fitness should be no exception.  Choose a time of day that will work for you daily or some combination of days per week.  If you are just starting out, start small (remember…The Compound Effect!).  Pick 3 days per week you can commit to 30 minutes of fitness and put those on repeat on your calendar.  If one of those days approaches and you feel yourself wanting to skip it, go back to your why (look at those sticky notes!) and do it anyway.  If you want to be healthy, you have to move your body and you have to do it consistently.  Is making a fitness impact easy?  NO!  But when you know your why and you are consistent, habits form and you will see the results of the types of exercise training and the momentum will build!


Fitness tip #2: Do something you like

practicing different kinds of exercise is important to make it fun

Types of exercise options are unlimited!   However, don’t get overwhelmed by this process.  We want to help you decipher what you like, because when you like what you are doing, you are more likely to continue.  Answer these questions to begin to uncover what kinds of exercise will work for you:

  • Do you prefer to workout solo or in a group?
  • Do you prefer to focus on strength workouts or cardio?
  • Do you like to workout at home or in a gym?
  • Do you like to workout inside or outside?
  • What is your fitness budget?

Use this information to make some decisions about what you can stick to for the next 3 months.   As a reminder, it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit.  Therefore,  3 months is a good benchmark to make something consistent before you make changes to your routine.


Let’s address the question regarding your fitness budget.  It’s easy to use money as an excuse to not create a regular fitness lifestyle.  If you have an unlimited budget, we recommend joining a local gym that offers many amenities such as classes, a pool, tennis, basketball, etc.  However, if your budget is limited or even non-existent, there are still tons of options!  For instance, you can go on a walk or run in your neighborhood.  Also, did you know that there are millions of FREE workout videos on YouTube?

Check out these two articles for free YouTube fitness videos:

Pop Sugar Fitness

Fitness Blender


Additionally, Pinterest is a great resource for FREE fitness tips for women, fitness tips for beginners and different types of exercises.  We created several fitness boards to make this easier for you.

HIIT Workouts

Push-up Like a Boss


As a reminder, if you are someone who really thrives on variety (and we totally get that!), you might want to consider investing in an option like ClassPassClassPass gives you access to many local fitness options.  Your ClassPass membership allows you to try classes at different local facilities for one fee.  We recommend you make your plan for the week on Sunday so you know exactly which classes you will be attending that week…and then write them down on your calendar!


Fitness Tip #3: Convenience

convenience will increase the fitness impact on your fitness lifestyle

Fitness tip number three: if your type of exercise training is not convenient you are not going to stick with it.  Consider these factors as you are thinking of convenience:


Location: How far do you need to travel to do your fitness?  Is the distance something you can deal with on a regular basis?  You don’t want to commit to a gym or fitness boutique that is 20 minutes from your house if that is going to impede your consistency.


Weather: Do you live somewhere where weather is going to affect your ability to workout?  For example, if you choose running outside as your fitness of choice, do you have a contingency plan when weather does not permit an outdoor run?  Plan ahead and you will be grateful!


Timing: Does the time of the class or activity you want to take work with your schedule?  If you have to change everything else around to attend one particular class, it’s not likely to stick.  Choose something that fits into your schedule, not the other way around.


Amenities: If your fitness lifestyle means that you need special accommodations, such as childcare, does the method you are choosing work for you?  Make sure you consider this when deciding what class or activity will work for you.  Many gyms and fitness boutiques offer child care, but make sure it is available at the time you want and if there is an additional cost, factor that in to your budget.


Fitness Tip #4: Fun

there are many types of exercise classes that make fitness lifestyle fun

Your fitness lifestyle must be fun!  Be open-minded and think outside the box a little when it comes to deciding what will work for you.  Do you think it’s boring AF to walk on the treadmill, but you follow this  type of exercise anyway because it’s what you are comfortable with?  Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and try something new!


Have you ever tried a pole dancing class?  Or hot yoga?  Or going on a hike with a hiking group in your community?  There are so many options that are fun and active…make your fitness lifestyle fun…not boring AF!!!  When you are having fun, you will have the greatest fitness impact because you will love what you are doing.


Fitness Tip #5: Your workout has to hold your attention

choosing a sustainable type of exercise will have a positive fitness impact

Picture this:  You are walking on the stair stepper, all the sudden you realize you have been day dreaming and you are no longer walking at a quick pace that will make any fitness impact.


Or you go on a run outside only to find yourself bored after 10 minutes and you can’t push yourself to go any further?


Our brains need stimulation to keep us on our game.  There are some kinds of exercise that are more mentally challenging than others, and if you find yourself bored while working out, you might want to change up what you are doing.


For example, if you like to take an indoor cycle class but you always go to the same teacher, the same day/s every week…you might want to consider trying a new teacher to get a new challenge.  Or if you are lifting weights and have been following the same flow for several weeks, try changing up what muscle groups you are working in which order and how many reps you are focused on in a session.


When you challenge your brain and your body at the same time, you will have a more enjoyable experience and you will push yourself harder because you will not feel complacent.



Fitness Tip #6: Get a full body workout

It is important to consider how you are working your full body and not just one part.  For example, if your type of exercise is taking a walk, what can you do to also work your upper body and core?


Option 1: Carry a set of light hand weights on your walk.


Option 2: Stop every 10 minutes to do 10 push-ups.


Option 3: End each walk with 5 minutes of a HIIT interval (spring, jumping jacks, jump squats, etc.) and do 5 minutes of core work and now you have a full-body workout.


Our bodies need to be pushed physically in many ways.  Cardio is great for heart health, but strength training has many benefits for women such as increased metabolism and building lean muscle mass.  Core work is important just to combat all the sitting we do in our daily life (driving, working, eating, entertainment–TV, movies, etc.).  Core work is very easy to implement into your daily routine!  Carve out 10 minutes in your day (perhaps first thing in the morning, before dinner or even before bed) and spend some time on your core.  Different kinds of core exercises, such as planks, back extensions and leg lifts will greatly benefit not only your abs but also your back health.

Fitness Tip #7: Sweating

sweating it out is a great fitness tip for women

Our final fitness tip will vary woman to woman, but we didn’t want to overlook it.  When you are exercising and truly maximizing your physical effort, you should have a physical response such as elevated heart rate and sweat.  If you find that your fitness is so mild that you don’t experience either of these, you may want to consider adding in more intense kinds of exercises.

*we are not health professionals; if your doctor is suggesting this is not recommended always follow your doctor’s advice!  And consult your physician before making any changes to your regular routine


Sweating detoxes your body from many of its impurities.  It’s also mentally cathartic and releases a ton of emotional baggage such as stress and anxiety.  If you are looking to really sweat, try an intense workout such as a boot camp or HIIT style class.  Or take type of exercise class such as hot yoga if you are seeking the detox and strength without a lot of plyometric exercises.  Sweating is a natural process that is good for our bodies, so don’t be afraid to get your sweat on!



these 7 tips will help you create a sustainable fitness lifestyle

The bottom line is that fitness should be a simple, sustainable and fun part of your In Demand lifestyle.  We want to help make this effort as easy as possible because we want you to feel confident, empowered, strong and SASSY!    By leveraging these 7 tips and adopting them into your fitness lifestyle, you will create the necessary habits to be successful.


How are YOU going to get started right now to make fitness happen in your life?  Comment below with your favorite tip or one example of how you will hold yourself accountable to your fitness lifestyle!