You have all the BEST intentions for working out.  Your alarm is set early…check!  You picked out your workout clothes the night before…check!  You confirmed the class schedule at the gym…check!  Your gym bag is prepped with water bottle, hair ties & post workout snack…check!


The alarm goes off, you are so ready to get your sweat on.  You put on your favorite play list and dance around your room while you get ready to BUST-A-MOVE at the gym.  You do one quick scan of Facebook to make sure you didn’t miss anything over night…and then…you see it….




This is not an unlikely scenario!  In fact, it happened to several of our readers last week during a pretty intense rain storm.  So, what are your alternatives?  Especially if weather conditions prevent you from doing an outdoor workout?


You have two choices…

  1. Throw in the towel and say FORGET IT!  But come on IDW…you don’t want to do that!

  2. Find an indoor workout solution that will get your heart pumping, the sweat pouring and your mood elevated!


If you didn’t already know, there are many options to stream fitness video content right in your living room. One of our favorites is POPSUGAR fitness! You are probably familiar with the widely popular www.popsugar.com website and brand.  But you might not be familiar with their fitness offerings.  When you explore their site, you will find a variety of articles on all things fitness.  Everything from how to properly squat to samples of workouts with photos showcasing the moves.


But our FAVORITE way to utilize POPSUGAR fitness is their YouTube channel!  With over 2.5 million subscribers, you know they produce quality content that is sure to help you maximize your workout for the day!  One of our favorite trainers, who appears in a majority of the videos, is Anna Renderer (@annarenderer).  The epitome of the IDW, Anna has videos for all fitness levels (including pre-natal and post-partum!).  There are ab workouts, cardio kickboxing, weighted workouts, yoga, pilates…you name it, it’s there!  Videos vary in length from 10-minutes to 45-minutes on average and each video has beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications.


If you have an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or similar device, you can download the YouTube app to play directly on your TV.  You can also play all the videos from your tablet or smart phone so you have accessibility even when you are on the road for pleasure or business.


The BEST part about POPSUGAR fitness is that it’s 100% FREE!  And with the immense library of videos available, you could do a new workout everyday without a repeat.


The next time you are faced with a challenge where you can’t get to your favorite class at the gym, give POPSUGAR fitness a try.  If you are curious how our friends liked the workout when they did it last week, their response to trying one of the Cardio Kickboxing videos was, “OMG…that workout was awesome!”