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reading books has always been a way to practice self care
A great book list to get you started on your reading journey!
50 journal prompts for mindset
One of the greatest ways to shift your mindset--JOURNALING! Here's 50 prompts to get you inspired.
staying at home has been hard during the covid 19 quarantine
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you? Read more about my story.
meditation is a great resource for the in demand woman
A meditation practice is essential for the In Demand Woman... here's why!
7 tips to improve communication in relationships
When you have strong communication, your most important relationships will thrive!
create a life of self-care that is not selfish
When you create a life of self-care you will find more happiness and joy!
use affirmations instead of new years resolutions to change habits
Start using affirmations daily instead of focusing on New Year's Resolutions.
we are busting myths about plant-based eating
Learn more about how a plant-based diet could be right for you!
womens empowerment positivity affirmations
Are excuses getting in the way of you reaching your goals and dreams?
intentional intimacy with dr. chelsea page
Dr. Chelsea Page talks to us about how to practice intentional intimacy.
Have you ever considered creativity to be the ultimate form of self-care?
break free from your fear monsters
Are you ready to overcome your fears?
increase your confidence through using your voice sloane reali vocal coaching by sloane santa barbara ca
Use your voice as your super power and rock your confidence!
strength training helps women balance hormones and reach fitness goals and fight aging
Why resistance training crucial for the In Demand Woman   What are your motivations  when it comes to resistance training,
watch sassy af tv on you tube
What does your style say about you?   As an In Demand Woman, your style may be further down your
big magic by elizabeth gilbert sacred creativity for the in demand woman
Creativity goes beyond your artistic abilities. Elizabeth Gilbert writes about creativity from a place of empowerment and self-prioritization.
morning routine time is sacred for in demand women to prioritize themselves
Morning routine is a game changer   When I think about all the ways I have turned my life around,
Gabriella Rosie Australian Artist and Affirmation Deck creator
Everyone has a creative side!   Do you believe that?  Think about when you were a child and you craved
feel free to use the words that make you feel good
Why do we censor ourselves when it comes to the words we use? Break free and be yourself!
she is beautiful run santa barbara ca 2019
Run She Is Beautiful is a race that encourages women's empowerment and building community.
amirra besh army crawl spartan race
In Part 2 of our Spartan Race series, find out what it takes to train to be a Spartan athlete.

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