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I want to share a vivid dream I recently experienced…


In my dream, I had an opportunity to get my haircut by the super badass business babe Katrina Ruth (I had been listening to her podcast Rebel Millionaire earlier in the day so clearly she was on my mind!).


I jumped on the opportunity to have Kat style me up and while I was sitting in her chair, I told her I felt this sharp pain in my left rib cage.


She calmly said, “Oh darling that’s just your heart space.  You have blocked energy you need to remove.”  All of a sudden my husband appeared and I told him what she told me.  I told him I have had this pain before but I never knew what it was.


He assured me it was exactly as Kat prescribed.  Stuck energy in my heart space.  The knowing from both Kat and my husband was very reassuring and I felt a sense of relief that I could work through that.


And then I woke up.


And when I awoke, an affirmation I had written to myself the day before popped into my mind:


Badasses Act From The Heart


I feel like my energy has been on a roller coaster.  Some days I’m super high, flying around, feeling like the Queen of the world I know I am.  Other days… the shit hits the fan, I don’t know which way is up, the self-doubt floods like a freaking tsunami, and I can’t seem to catch my breath.


I know you know this feeling because you are like me.  We are passionate and committed.  We are high-energy and high-vibration.  We love hard and we play hard and we work hard.  And we FEEL everything!  Perhaps it’s heightened empathy but I think it’s also just an increased sense of self.


And I share this all with you because like you, I want to live the life of my fucking dreams!  I know I have the opportunity to choose how I show up every single day.  And I know that everything I desire is available to me and I am receiving, manifesting, and calling in all the good shit.


When we live from our heart space and we clear that stuck energy, that is when we can be our truest, most free selves.  And we have to remember that living from that heart-space is not always a walk in the park!


It’s scary as fuck!  Sometimes you feel like the odd-woman out, doing things your way that is different than the others.  Other times you feel elated and magical and transcendent because you are so assured in your own reality and perception of truth that you literally don’t give a shit what others think.


“When we live from our heart space and we clear that stuck energy, that is when we can be our truest, more free selves.”


Both feelings are right.  Both feelings are perfect.  Both feelings are the journey you and I are on because we are HUMANS (yea that’s a little fact we often dismiss…).


I want you to come back to this affirmation: Badasses Act From the Heart.


When you act from your heart space, you will always be lead to the right decision, the right action, the right moment.  And it is BADASS AS FUCK to act from the heart!  Don’t ever doubt that!


Back to that dream…


I didn’t get to clear up the pain of the stuck heart-space energy while in my subconscious reality.  But when I woke up I knew the path.


Let me outline some ideas here when you are feeling stuck energy in YOUR heart-space.


Move your body


There is nothing fancy or voodoo magic here.  Just move your body.  Go on a walk, take a hike, dance your ass off!  Just move.  When energy is stuck in any space in your body, it is dying to be released.  It wants to flow.  Your body, heart, and spirit want to be in flow.  So allow it and get moving.




Create some quiet space to connect inward.  Whether you prefer a guided meditation or sitting in silence the choice is yours.  Spend 5-20 minutes breathing, calming your nervous system, connecting with your inner guidance, and listening to yourself.


affirmation cards sassy healthy fit
Sassy AF Affirmation Cards are another way to clear your heart-space!



One of my favorite ways to process any thoughts… write them out!  This isn’t always practical, so if you don’t have pen and paper handy–use the voice memo app on your phone (I KNOW you always have your phone with you!)




Do a simple series of deep breathing.  6 deep inhales/exhales can do wonders for moving stuck energy.


Call your bestie


She always makes you smile and laugh!  And laughter is definitely the best medicine for finding your flow.


I want you to know that when you act from the heart, you are guided, you are loved, and you are acting in alignment.  Never question your decisions that are heart and loved based.  I don’t care what ANYONE else tells you, when you are present in your heart-space, you are a SASSY BADASS.



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