10 At-Home Workout Ideas–No Gym Membership Required

at home workouts mean no excuses to get moving

No Excuses!

When you move your body, your energy increases and your mind, body and spirit connection strengthens.  There is unlimited research stating why it is so critical to move your body on a daily basis.


Why do we fight against it and make it harder than it needs to be?


Let’s stop the struggle and make it easier to get your body moving now with these 10 at home workout ideas!  You are an In Demand Woman and you need to optimize your physical body.  Whether you call it fitness, athletics, exercise or movement, getting your sweat on will keep you living sassy, healthy and fit!


Keep reading to discover our TOP 10 AT HOME WORKOUT strategies.  Our motto is: simple, sustainable & fun and all of these fit the bill.


Try one or try them all…the point is to just start moving!


#1: Get Outside

get outside and run walk jog hike swim to workout easily

The possibilities for an at home workout is right outside your front door!   Whether you live in a warm climate or cold one, open your front door and make it happen.


When the weather permits, try running, jogging, walking or hiking.  If you live near a lake or ocean go for a swim.  In the winter, there is skiing, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing.


It’s hard to make excuses when all you need is a pair of sneakers, some headphones and a little dose of motivation.


#2: At-home Workout Equipment

thrift stores are a great place to get at home workout equipment

One of the greatest resources for workout equipment is your local thrift store!  You would be surprised at the amazing deals you can find on dumbbells, resistance bands, ab rollers, etc.


Not a thrift store queen?  Not to worry!  You can also stock up at your local discount store such as Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Amazon also has great inexpensive options for at-home workout equipment.


If you are just starting to build your collection, we recommend 2 sets of dumbbells (one lighter, one heavier such as a set of 5 lbs and a set of 10 lbs).  A medium strength resistance band like this one goes a long way to vary your exercises.  Another great addition is this ab roller.


You can get everything you need to get started on your at home workout for under $50… let’s do this!


#3: Workout Videos

pop sugar offers many classes for free on youtube

Do you get stuck wondering what at home workout you should do?  Don’t let a lack of inspiration prevent you from moving your body!


There are thousands of FREE videos available online and on YouTube.  Some of our favorites are PopSugar and Fitness Blender.  These videos give you a huge variety of fitness options for all levels.  They are also available in many different lengths so you can commit to whatever timing works best for you.


#4: Pinterest

pinterest is a great resource for workout routines

Another great source of at home workout inspiration is Pinterest.  If you are not already subscribed to the Sassy Healthy Fit Pinterest page, you can follow us here.


We have created several boards that have ideas for different workouts and at-home fitness.


HIIT Workouts



Push-Up Like a Boss

The best part about Pinterest is that you can save these workouts so you never forget where they are!  When you are out at the park with your kids or on a walk with a girlfriend, open up one of these articles and elevate your workout on the spot.


#5: Join a Facebook Group for Accountability

While we can all be our own hero, it’s nice to have a buddy and support system to motivate.

Sometimes you just a need a little encouragement to keep going.  While we can all be our own hero, it’s nice to have a buddy and support system to motivate.


Are you familiar with Facebook Groups?  These are awesome communities you can join to connect with other like-minded people with similar interests.  If you search “fitness accountability” many options will come up for you to choose from.


If you are not already a member of our Facebook Group, please join here!  While it is not solely for the purpose of fitness accountability, the support of the women in this community is motivating and inspiring for your healthy lifestyle.


#6: 30-Day Challenges

30 day challenges are easy to do at home

Have you ever seen a friend post that they are doing a 30-day squat challenge?  These challenges are everywhere and the combination of the increased difficulty plus trying something new can be super motivating.  Plus, you already have everything you need for these at home workouts!


It’s amazing how you can go from doing 50 squats on Day 1 to 250 squats on Day 30!  If squats aren’t your thing, don’t worry…  there are lots of different options to choose from.


Check out this page to see a ton of 30-day fitness challenges.  Print the image and put it on your fridge, on your closet door, on your mirror…wherever you need to see it as a reminder.


Want to make it a little more interesting?  Invite your friends and encourage each other every day!


#7: Check out Your Local High School Track

high school track is a great place to get in a good workout

If you are looking for a challenging and easy-to-access workout… go to your local high school’s track.  This isn’t technically at “at home workout”, but run or walk up the stadiums and you will quickly see why this is such a great workout.


In 30 minutes, you can do a complete full-body workout leveraging the stadiums and the track.  Walk or jog one lap to warm up.  Then walk or run up and down the stadiums 5 times.  Take another lap and repeat until 30 minutes is up.  Finish off with a set of push-ups and core work and you will feel the burn.


#8: Subscription Based Workouts

While the amount of free content is unlimited, sometimes having a subscription service for your at home workouts is more appealing.  Whether you are more motivated by the investment or you just want something easily laid out for you, there are several options for paid subscriptions.


Here are a few we like:


#9: Peloton

Peloton has a bike treadmill and app to help you with your workout

Have you heard your friends talking about how much they love their Peloton bike for their at home workout?  Peloton is increasing its reach and options to help more people become healthy right from the comfort of home.


They offer a high-quality stationary bike and treadmill that they install in your home.  The best part is the instructor-led studio classes that stream directly to you!


While you use Peloton’s stationary bike at home, you will feel like you are participating in a high-intensity spin class at your favorite gym.  And you don’t have to worry about parking, childcare or how your hair looks!


If you aren’t ready to make the financial commitment to the bike (from $2245) or the treadmill (from $4295), you can simply pay for the Peloton app for $19.49/month.  They offer a variety of classes such as boot camp, yoga, strength, and outdoor workouts.


In addition to Peloton, there are many other full-body systems for at-home workouts.  Some others to consider are Mirror and Tonal.


#10: Train for a Local Race

try doing a 5k and train for your at home workout

As an In Demand Women, we know goals are your jam!  When you have a deadline or a number to reach, you will motivate hard to get it done.  And not just get it done, but KICK ASS doing it!


If you find yourself needing that kick in the ass to get you moving, check out what races are happening in your community and train for one.   Have you done a 5K or 10K or even a half-marathon?  The rush of training, running the actual race and sprinting through the chute at the end is invigorating!


If you are looking for a more intense option, check out an obstacle-style event such as Spartan Races or a Tough Mudder.


Check out Active.com or Runsignup.com to find what local races are happening in your community.  Races are often fundraisers so your competitive spirit can also benefit a non-profit organization!



don't make excuses...just get moving

Sister, what are you WAITING FOR???  There are so many ways to do an at home workout!   You have no excuses not to move your body!


We know the gym isn’t for everyone… and that’s OK!  But the real, hard truth–if you want to live your best life and optimize your health and wellness you have to MOVE YOUR BODY. 


We just provided you with our TOP 10 WAYS TO GET MOVING without going to the gym because we want to make this as easy as possible.  So get out there!  Pick one and start moving.  And then comment below and let us know how you love to get in your fitness.


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