7 Steps to Manifesting Your Biggest Dreams

  When I first heard people talking about manifestation, I thought it was the biggest load of bullshit out there.   Come on!¬†   You think I believe that because you envisioned a shiny new car, it just showed up in your driveway?   Let’s just say, I was following the wrong people because I […]

Badasses Act From the Heart

bad ass self-love mindset motivation

  I want to share a vivid dream I recently experienced‚Ķ   In my dream, I had an opportunity to get my haircut by the super badass business babe Katrina Ruth (I had been listening to her podcast Rebel Millionaire earlier in the day so clearly she was on my mind!).   I jumped on […]

How to Leave Your Legacy

story telling thought leadership leaving your legacy

What legacy will you leave when you are gone? Being a thought leader is about creating the live you love and leaving that legacy!