crystals self care self love healing
Interview with Elyse Falzone all about the power of crystals and self-care.
7 Sassy AF tips to create a sustainable fitness lifestyle for women
We want to help you make fitness your lifestyle versus a short-term plan. Use these 7 tips to get started
The 5 Second Rule is a great book to help you create an intentional life, induce confidence building and has many mindfulness benefits
The 5 Second Rule is a great read to help you create an intentional life and build your confidence.
Easy Meal Prep
We want to help you feel more confident and comfortable doing your weekly meal planning!
Come as you are
We highly recommend this book to obtain a better understanding of female sexuality and to help you get in touch
self care
Learn how to make self-care part of your daily routine
walking on bridge_square
When you walk through your will feel EXHILARATED on the other side!
Use this SASSY LIFE HACK to feel more in control of your time each day!
Crispy Apple Crumble
This delicious Oil-Free Apple Crumble is vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free!
Everything you need to keep in your gym bag to be ready at a moment's notice!
  Four months ago, my husband Paul and I decided to try to follow the Keto Diet.  We had heard
Here's a list of some of our favorite podcasts!
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Learn how to live in a HERO mindset!
How to motivate to workout
5 tips to help you find that extra motivation to workout!
Stress sucks! Learn what natural herbal remedies can help you combat stress!
Don't be afraid to speak your mind! You are WORTHY!
Curious about Orangetheory Fitness? Here's everything you want and need to know!
Why artichokes are the best vegetable for family dinner!
Strategies to help correct the habit of emotionally eating
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Top 10 Ways to Get Creative After Dark
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Nut butters ROCK! What's your favorite variety???