Who is the In Demand Woman?


At her core, the In Demand Woman is the woman who chooses to have many demands on her time.  The key word being “choice”.  She is not a victim who is busy because she takes on what everyone wants her to do.  NO!  The In Demand Woman knows she has many talents and chooses to leverage them in many ways.


She is defined by many attributes, but at her core, she makes her choices based on those values and pillars that she holds dear in her heart:



She loves herself and takes actionable steps daily to protect her space, her passions and elevate her confidence.



She values relationships with her friends and family and holds these connections in very high esteem.  She is social and thrives in community.



She is positive and looks at the world from a lens of positivity.  She knows that the one thing she can control is her mindset and when she channels her energy she is unstoppable.



She knows that showing empathy for others is the key to successful relationships.  While it’s not always easy, being empathetic is a huge value for the In Demand Woman.



She values her health (mind, body & spirit) and desires to make her health a priority. Although it can be challenging to make time to focus on her health, she knows a healthy woman is a woman who shows up most prominently in her own life.



She is empowered to put self-care at the forefront of her priorities.  She knows that self-care isn’t just retail therapy and massages.  She knows that true self-care runs deep and she values her time to optimize her self.