Now that the dust has settled from the winter holidays, you are probably feeling ready to get back out and hit the town for Ladies Night.  But wait….  How are you going to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions for your good health and still have a killer night out???  Don’t worry, Sister!  We’ve got your back and have some suggestions!!!


It’s All About Mindset

As with everything in life, your mindset and intentions are keys to success!  Let’s take a minute to think about Ladies’ Night Out and what it means to you.  It IS about: spending time with your girlfriend’s, having fun, letting your hair down (figuratively and/or literally!), laughing and feeling SASSY!  It’s NOT about: getting plastered, indulging in too much food, making bad choices about what you put into your body.  By focusing on what you really love to experience with a night out, you are less likely to feel like you have to consume too much booze or bad-for-you food just because you are out on a Friday night!


Be Prepared

You most likely know the agenda for the night.  Are you going out to dinner?  Meeting at a bar for drinks?  Seeing a movie?  Whatever the agenda is, make a personal plan before you go out so you don’t have to decide in the moment.  If you front-load before your night out, you will make good decisions in the moment.  Some ideas: look at the restaurant’s website for their menu and decide what you will order before you go out.  Decide ahead of time how many drinks you will have and stick to it!  If you plan to indulge in foods you don’t normally eat, keep your calories down during the day and get a workout in to offset any excessive consumption.



Water is pretty much the magic pill for any situation.  But especially when you are heading out to eat and drink!  By drinking a lot of water, you will keep yourself from overeating because you will already feel full.  And if you are drinking adult beverages, a great rule of thumb is have a glass of water for each cocktail.  This will help prevent the next-day hangover.  Hydration is important throughout the night, but also the day of.  Keep calm and hydrate!


Have fun

Most importantly, make sure that you have a blast when you are out with the Ladies!  You deserve to have a great time, feel sexy & SASSY and feel free to enjoy the nightDo something nice for yourself to mark the occasion!  Maybe buy a new outfit or a new accessory.  Or treat yourself to a hair blowout.  Or get a mani/pedi (or DIY at home!).  And leave your baggage at home!!!  Don’t bring your complaints from the day, your gripes from work/home, etc. to the table.  Blast some fun music while you are getting ready and put yourself in a happy, positive, BAD ASS head space and rock the night!