sexy part 4


At this point in our Sassy Sex Life Series you should be feeling pretty sassy and sexy.  You are educated on the benefits of lingerie, perfume, make up, lube, Yoni Eggs and Ben Wa balls and how they help increase the pleasure sensors in your sex life.


We thought a fun Top 10 list of ways to help you level up your intimacy game would be a great addition to this series.  After all…getting a little creative after dark is NEVER A BAD THING, right???


In no particular order…

  1. Have fun with the lights off!
  2. Have fun with the lights on!
  3. Sensation play–use feathers, ice, heat, candle wax, fuzzy mitts, etc.
  4. Essential Oils–Check out “Lucy Libido Says…There’s an Oil For THAT” to learn more
  5. Play music–vary the genre depending on your mood
  6. Role play–this can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.  Classic role playing like Doctor & Nurse or get creative and play Super Hero & Villain.  Whatever you like that will make things more spicy and sassy.
  7. Outfits–this can include your lingerie, but you can also try costumes (to go along with role play) or maybe just add one piece like a pair of stockings to change it up
  8. Toys!  The possibilities are endless…and never underestimate the power of the Magic Wand.  They don’t call it magic for nothing!
  9. Erotic Fiction–find some stories to read on your own or read aloud together.  Check out Literotica for a full library of sassy reads.  If you are feeling creative…write your own erotic fiction together as part of your foreplay!
  10. Silence–this is a powerful force when done correctly.  By having no noise, you can concentrate on your other senses…touch, smell, sight.  Enjoy and explore.


Intimacy is a huge part of relationships and the human experience.  We want to help you feel confident and comfortable in your sex-life and provide you with ideas to help you get there.


We would love to hear from you what are your favorite ways to make sexy time more Sassy in your life!