be true to yourself for self care and self worth

Being True to Yourself


Being true to yourself sounds like a simple enough concept, but sometimes, that can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.


With so many expectations for where our lives should go, what success looks like, and how we should “show up” in our lives, it can feel like an uphill battle not to compare ourselves to others.


On a recent episode of Sassy AF TV – LIVE, my guest Delia Perry, host of the Girls 4 Greatness Podcast, talked a lot about this challenge.


We talked about the issues that women are facing today to feel worthy of truly living their best lives and putting themselves first.


So how do you define what self-care and self-worth looks like?


As Delia shared, “It took me understanding where the (negative) thoughts were coming from and then learning the tools to revise what I was saying to myself in my mind.”


That is one motivating factor why Delia feels so passionate about creating a platform where women can share their stories.  Women who have been through challenges and despair and felt like they had nothing.  And these same women have risen up like a Phoenix to not only discover themselves, but also find their greatness.


If you are struggling with self-worth and really feeling like you are living as your truest self here are 3 ways to redirect your energy and change your patterns.


Start by choosing you


No matter what, you are worth it.  But you have to believe that and you have to make the conscious choice!  Once you decide that you are going to figure out how to truly live your best life, there will be no stopping you.


Making that choice might seem like the hardest step… and it probably is!  But take one baby step of courage to remind yourself that this choice will be the BEST choice you can ever make.


Start with the simple act of writing down the words “I CHOOSE ME.”  When those words really sink in, you will know the best action to take first.


Find an accountability partner


This might be a friend, or a relative, or maybe you need to hire a coach.  But have someone by your side who will be there for you when you need a boost, act as a cheerleader, and call you on your bullshit when necessary.


We all need a partner (or many partners!) to support us and lift us up.  If you are looking for some coaching in this area, feel free to schedule a call with me!



Surround yourself with positive influences


If you are wanting to bring on the positivity, then bring on the positivity!  This means immersing in experiences, people, and content that lift you up and remind you why this journey is worth it.


Take a good look at those in your life and decide who are the people who really make you feel good.  Those are the ones you want to spend the most time with.


In conclusion


As Delia said, there is no reason to stay stuck or live life of mediocrity.  You are worthy of living your best life and just because you have had set backs, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck.


I want to remind you that you are worthy of everything you desire, and it all starts with making the choice to put yourself first!


Always, be true to you!

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