create a life of self-care that is not selfish

This is YOUR Year


Girlfriend, 2020 is here! Not only is it a new year, but it is a new decade with a fresh start and new beginning.  This is your reminder that it is never too late to start, or to start over, with anything in your life. This is YOUR year if you want it to be, so claim it! (Seriously, repeat after me right now, out loud: “This is going to be my year, I feel it and I am ready!”)


There is no better moment than right now to be believe in yourself more, and to be confident with a little sass in your life. You have been growing your wings, through both great times and challenging times, but it is time to FLY, which stands for First Love Yourself.


Prirotize yourself and your happiness


Imagine what your life would look like if you decided to prioritize yourself and your happiness, instead of making it an option? Sounds incredible, right?!


To help you get started, rather than encouraging you to create new goals, I challenge you to make new commitments. Goals are something that you want to do whereas commitments are something that you will do.


Why self-care commitments matter


As a new year begins, it is easy to focus on health and fitness goals, but what about self-care commitments? Self-care is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary!


You give so much to others, so know that it is important that you pour back into yourself and start doing more things just for you, that make you happy and without guilt.


Self-care is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary!


List 20 things that are making you happy… right now!


How do you start? You can create a self-care practice by prioritizing time for yourself with intentional, acts of kindness that nourish you and empower you. To begin, get out a piece of paper and list 20 things right now that make you happy.  Yes, 20!


Get creative beyond bubble baths and spa days. Think about the simple things in life that make you happy, as well as the more luxurious things and experiences.  Be open-minded and write this list freely without judgement.  There are no right or wrong answers…only what feels important to you in your heart.  Remember, this list can be as luxurious or simplistic as you desire!


Here are some examples that we love:






Self-care is for YOU and it is NOT selfish


Self-care is personal and is not something you have to justify to others, or to yourself. Once you have your list, keep it handy so you can quickly remind yourself of your options when you need to prioritize yourself.  Even better, take a picture of your list, and save it to your favorites, so you always have it in your phone.


The final step is to determine what you will commit to doing for at least 5 minutes a day to practice self-care. Yes, you are an In Demand Woman, but you can find a window of 5 minutes each day for YOU!   Keep your commitment simple so both you, and your new habit(s), become a priority and never an option.


In conclusion


Remember to love yourself while you work on yourself and your commitments this year.  Choose to love yourself during the process, not afterwards when you achieve something.


Simply put, celebrate yourself without conditions and create meaningful commitments this year.   You are worth it!

brandy edwards promotes self love and womens empowerment dallas texasBrandy Edwards is an attorney turned Empowerment Speaker and Coach in Dallas, Texas. She is the Founder of The Self-Love Challenge and emphasizes the importance of self-love, confidence and courage. Her self-discovery journey led her to be strong and courageous, to take action despite fear and follow her happiness to create a life she loves. Her magnetic energy captivates the attention of both youth and adult audiences, and her inspiring vulnerability empowers listeners to bridge the gap between fears that hold them back and bravery that can propel them forward. Her message is a kind reminder to make empowering choices that help you believe in yourself more and love yourself without conditions, as it is never too late to start, or to start over, with anything in your life.

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