Why Fad Diets are Bullshit

How many diets have you tried in your lifetime?  Are you constantly trying to beat your body at its own game and drop those “last 10 pounds”?


It’s time to stop dieting and start living healthy!


What’s Inside This Juicy Episode


In this episode of Sassy AF TV we talk about why fad diets are bullshit and why they cause unnecessary stress on your body.


Did you know that the body does not know the difference between physical, mental or emotional stress?  By dieting, you are putting your body in stress which causes it to respond with a “fight, flight or freeze” response (our cave-woman brain!).


Therefore, your body will shut down or become inflamed or produce more cortisol which leads to holding onto unnecessary fat stores.


Bottom line…when you diet, you are not listening to your body’s true hunger signals, resulting in over-eating, under-eating or eating foods that are not nourishing and fueling your body.


Heather Deranja, the Nutrition Vixen, tells Hallie all about why we need to start listening to our bodies and healing ourselves from the inside.  Being healthy is not about weight-loss…it’s about figuring out what nutrients your body needs to thrive.


More About Our Guest…

heather deranja nutrition vixen

Heather Deranja is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and autoimmune/digestive health expert.  Heather is passionate about making health & nutrition easy to understand and implement, especially for the In Demand Woman!  She became a dietitian because of her own struggles with an autoimmune disease and also to talk about food intolerance and digestive issues that are rarely discussed.  You can contact Heather through her website   https://nutritionvixen.com/ and also find her on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) @nutritionvixen.


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