Body image is an issue that many women face.  We could get into all the reasons that women struggle with confidence and how society places unrealistic expectations on what an “ideal female body” looks like.  However, that’s not what this article is about!


Let’s talk about body image from a hero mentality and break down how we can change our personal outlook and learn to love ourselves more and worry less!


In Demand Women pave their own way.  They don’t worry what others think.  They affirm their greatness daily and are proud of who they are.  When you live as an IDW, you are proud of who you are as a unique individual.  You are proud to shine bright, speak your mind, live a life of passion and be a unicorn in your world!


Use this hero-mentality when you look at yourself in the mirror.  RIGHT NOW!  Go in a room by yourself, close and lock the door, take off all your clothes and LOOK IN THE MIRROR. 


How beautiful is that woman????


Notice her skin tone.  Pay attention to her eyes.  Appreciate all of her limbs.  Touch her belly and feel how healthy and feminine it feels.  Admire her hair…run your fingers through it.  Really look.  Really enjoy.  Observe the scars and marks on her skin.  Acknowledge their existence and their story of why they are there.  Really appreciate all the details, all the imperfections, all the unique qualities, all the beauty.




If you want to make changes to your body (gain weight, lose weight, build muscle tone, etc.), make the changes!  You have all the control to do so!


But never for a second doubt how magnificent, strong, healthy and powerful your body is.  And when your head starts to creep in with moments of self-doubt or worry about someone else’s opinion…push that aside!


You are an IN DEMAND WOMAN.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  See yourself as a unique warrior in this world and slay!