hero mindset






It is easy to live in victim mentality.  That place where you don’t have to take responsibility.  That place where everything happens due to external circumstances.  That place where life happens to you as an innocent bystander.


When you face life as a victim, you will have some wins.  It is easy to play the “victim card” and have others show up for you by way of pity.  It is simple to expect that you are entitled to what you have because you have been dealt a certain hand.  It is justified to complain that your worth is limited.  It becomes the norm to accept mediocrity and live the status quo.


Is that the life you want to live Sister???  Is that really how you want to exist for your 81.2 years on this Earth???


We want to offer you an alternative perspective, because we know you are worthy of so much more.  In Demand Women are HEROES!  We are heroes because we know that life happens FOR us and not to us.  We are heroes because we choose to be In Demand and we still live a healthy lifestyle.  We are heroes because we see the bright side of our experiences and we want to be the best friend, mother, daughter, sister, niece, co-worker, boss, entrepreneur, wife, partner that we can be.  We are heroes because we support one another and promote community over competition and we don’t blame others for our life journey.


Living a hero’s life is NOT easy!  It’s not easy to make the choice to get up early and do the necessary work on your mind and body via reading and exercise.  It’s not easy to make the choice to eat healthy.  It’s not easy to ignore societal pressures and the comparison game.  But are you willing to compromise an extraordinary life in exchange for an easy one???


At Sassy Healthy Fit, we strive to provide you guidelines to make your In Demand lifestyle as simple, sustainable & fun as possible.  We know that when you choose to be a hero, you make a commitment to take the time and energy to be the best version of you.  And we know that when you do that, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  The world is available for YOU.  You are capable and worthy of all your goals, passions and aspirations. 


All we ask is that you take time each day to prioritize YOU.  Make the time to take care of yourself mind, body & soul.  Allow us to provide you the necessary tools to make this possible.  Join in our community to find the support you need on this worthwhile, yet sometimes ambitious journey.  Choose to live in a HERO MINDSET & not  VICTIM MENTALITY.  We are here to support you every step of the way!

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