Passion for Plants


Plant-based eating is everywhere!


You can find plant-based protein options in practically every grocery store and in many restaurants.  As more and more people are turning to a plant-based way of living, how do you wrap your brain around some of the myths that are out there?




This week’s guest on Sassy AF TV is Kathrine Kofoed, founder of Passion of Plants.  Kathrine talks to us about common myths that come up when we discuss a plant-based nutrition lifestyle.


Some of these myths are:

Can I get enough protein on a plant-based diet?

Do I have to eat 100% plant-based?

What about controversial effects of soy products?


When you watch this episode, you will learn that there are many protein options on a plant-based diet.  Further, you do not have to follow a vegan nutrition plan 100% to gain its benefits.  And, yes, you can eat soy (as long as it’s the right variety!).


Is a plant-based diet for you?


Kathrine talks about the importance of knowing WHY you want to follow a plant-based diet before you dive in.  Further, she shares that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.


Plant-based eating has many nutritional benefits and you can still benefit by eating vegan even 20% of the time.


As Kathrine says, “Take it one step at a time; day-by-day, meal-by-meal.”


More about Kathrine Kofoed

kathrine kofoed plant based nutritionist

Kathrine Kofoed is the founder of Passion for Plants, a wellness brand and coaching business. She is an ACE-certified health coach with a passion for sharing her knowledge about wellness, plant-based nutrition, and spirituality in the modern ages.  Kathrine helps clients transition to a successful plant-based diet, overcome emotional eating, learn how to manage their stress so they can lose the last 10 pounds, and finally stay consistent AF with their healthy habits for life! You can find her at her website: and on Instagram @passionforplants.


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