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SHF Sassy AF! Affirmation Deck

The Sassy AF!



The Sassy AF! Affirmation Deck is one of the best ways to get your morning started right!

Affirmation decks provide a brilliant source of positive energy and this one puts that energy right into your PANTIES!

How does it do this??

Just fold one of the 37 unique cards into each pair of your panties when you are putting away your underwear and each time you take out a fresh pair you will be greeted with a Sassy AF! affirmation reminding you what an amazing and SASSY In Demand Woman you are.

Cards can also be used:

  • Keep them by your bedside
  • Tuck into your purse, briefcase, diaper bag, etc.
  • Pull a card anytime you need an affirmation of how AMAZING you are!


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Let’s break it down, Sister so you know why you are here!
SHF Sassy AF! Affirmation Deck - Sassy Healthy Fit