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The word “sassy” can conjure up a LOT of images.  But we are not talking about how you describe your tween daughter who likes to roll her eyes at you every time you make even the simplest suggestion about her life.  When we talk about being SASSY, we are talking about REAL LIFE.  We are talking about the things women love to talk about.  Fashion, make up, date nights!, relationships, girl talk, female struggles (ummm…can we just say PMS???), etc.  You get the picture!  Sassy is a way of life.  It’s how you take the world by storm and show the world what you are made of.  Sassy might not always be pretty, but being SASSY is about attitude, daily life, friendships, spouses/life-partners, having fun and so much more!

feel free to use the words that make you feel good
Why You Shouldn’t Self-Censor Your Language
Why do we censor ourselves when it comes to the words we use? Break free and be yourself!
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overcome perfectionism
Perfectionism: How to Overcome It and Find Personal Freedom
Learn how to find your freedom and overcome your perfect goals.
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How to Break Free From Being a People Pleaser Now!
Follow these simple strategies to stop being a people pleaser now!
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happy 4th of july live healthy and stay happy
7 Ways to Have a Happy 4th of July
7 tips to make your 4th of July extra Sassy!
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positive energy creates more energy
How To Have More Energy and Increase Your Confidence & Positivity
Do you want to have more energy and positivity? Bottom line... don't over-complicate it!
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learn how to manage your time as an in demand woman
How to Manage Your Time as an In Demand Woman
We want you to feel in control and confident as you handle all of the demands in your life.
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The 5 Second Rule is a great book to help you create an intentional life, induce confidence building and has many mindfulness benefits
Creating An Intentional Life: Book Review of The 5 Second Rule
The 5 Second Rule is a great read to help you create an intentional life and build your confidence.
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Come as you are
Book Review: Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life
We highly recommend this book to obtain a better understanding of female sexuality and to help you get in touch
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self care
Self-Care: Beyond Beauty Treatments and High-Cost Experiences
Learn how to make self-care part of your daily routine
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walking on bridge_square
Walking Through Fear
When you walk through your FEAR...you will feel EXHILARATED on the other side!
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Are You A Podcast Junkie?
Here's a list of some of our favorite podcasts!
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hero mindset
Mindset Shift: From Victim Mentality to Hero Mindset
Learn how to live in a HERO mindset!
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The Confidence To Speak Your Mind
Don't be afraid to speak your mind! You are WORTHY!
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sexy part 4
How to Make Your Sex Life More Sassy: Part 4
Top 10 Ways to Get Creative After Dark
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soul success sisters_square
A Weekend Of Soul, Success & Sisterhood
A very memorable weekend at Soul Success Summit 2019
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SassyAF! Deck
The Sassy AF! Affirmation Card Deck
Our newest product is available for YOU to feel SASSY AF!
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How to Approach Swimsuit Season WITHOUT FEAR!
Tips to make putting on your swimsuit more fun this season!
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Technology & the Roller Coaster of Emotions
Tips to handle technology failures without losing your SH*T
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How to Make Your Sex Life More Sassy: Part 3
Everything you need to know about Yoni Eggs & Ben-wa Balls
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You Are a Beautiful In Demand Woman
Make sure you know how beautiful you are!
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