You are worthy of speaking your truth.  You are worthy of saying what is on your mind and in your heart.  You are worthy of expressing your opinions. 


Do you believe these statements???


Often times we are held back by ourselves!  A little voice inside us says, “I don’t know if you should say that…it might hurt her feelings. It might be incorrect.  It might embarrass you.”  We sacrifice our confidence in the face of vulnerability. We don’t want to appear weak, so instead, we shelter ourselves and retreat internally.


What if you were to stop telling yourself the narrative of self-doubt?  How would it feel to be affirmed that you can speak up for yourself, express your opinions and share your beliefs? 


When you open up yourself to sharing your truths, you open the doors to so many possibilities and opportunities in your life.  Especially as women, we need to be confident that we are of value and we contribute so much to those around us.  Part of the process of self-awareness and self-discovery is getting vulnerable.  Be open-minded to learning new information.  Don’t let self-doubt crowd your thoughts. 


We want to offer you some suggestions to push past your fear and feel more confident speaking what’s on your mind:


Ask questions!  If you don’t know something, you must ask to learn.  Whether that’s asking the question and doing the research yourself (have you met Professor Google?) or asking a trusted friend, don’t be afraid to ask!  We have to keep learning to improve ourselves and this will increase your confidence.


Speak from the heart.  As a heart-centered woman, when you speak what’s on your mind and it comes from a place of love and compassion, your voice will be heard by those wanting to hear it.


Change your narrative.  Tell yourself, “I am worthy of my opinions.”  By making positive “I am” identity statements, we reprogram our brain and feel more self-confident.


Know that you are going to be wrong…and that’s OK!  We can’t always be right!  Being right isn’t the best way to be.  Whatever your thoughts or opinions are, it is likely that someone else is going to disagree with you.  That’s an awesome opportunity to grow, learn and be open-minded to someone else’s perspective.  Bring it on and enjoy the process!


Know your value.  This world needs your voice.  When you are confident and expressing your feelings and thoughts, you bring tremendous value.  Believe in your purpose and intention.  Believe in your knowledge.  Believe in yourself!


The next time you start to hear that little voice trying to hush your thoughts and contributions, use these tactics to move the needle forward and speak what’s on your mind.