Photo Cred: Santa Barbara Boudoir

When do you feel your most Sassy? It’s probably when you feel the most confident!

Confidence is the biggest turn-on there is.  Think about it…  When you feel confident, you feel like the Queen of the World!  You can do ANYTHING!  You feel like a rock star, super woman, the woman who can tackle whatever life throws at her!

So what makes you feel confident?  It might be seeing progress on a project you have been working on at home or at the office.  It might be hearing praise from a close friend or loved one.  It might be turning on your favorite jams and dancing around your living room.

Here’s one you might not have considered…boudoir photos.  Are you familiar with these?  Let’s set one thing straight.  Boudoir photos are NOT PORNOGRAPHY!  They don’t even have to be done in the nude!  The word “boudoir” is French for “bedroom”, although these photos don’t have to be taken in a bedroom scene.

If you Google “boudoir photos” so many images from amazing photographers will come up.  They can be taken indoors or outdoors.  Full nude or just merely suggestive.  The commonality though is that they highlight the woman in the picture and she is confident, sexual, alluring and she FEELS GREAT!!!

If you need a confidence booster, book a boudoir photo session with a local photographer today.  Don’t worry if you have the right outfit or if your body isn’t perfect (are our bodies EVER perfect???).  You are a beautiful woman inside and out and you deserve to have these gorgeous images for YOU!!!  The female body truly is majestic and capturing it though the eyes of a photographer is an experience you will never forget.  And when you need a reminder throughout your days of how spectacular you are, you will savor these photos and your confidence will soar.