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Self-Care for the Soul

This 7-week experience will allow you to go deep into your journey of self-care.  As an In Demand Women, you face challenges each day to connect with yourself while still doing all the things.  “I Am Limitless” is a sacred space for you to connect with you!

Week 1 : Setting Intentions

Week 2: Daily Rituals/Routines

Week 3: Healthy Body

Week 4: Healthy Mind

Week 5: Manifesting/Affirmations

Week 6: Intimacy & Relationships, Divine Feminine

Week 7: Living My BEST Life!

You Are NOT Alone!

Do you ever feel like you are isolated on an island of ONE?  You are surrounded by people, and yet, you feel lost and stranded.  Practicing RADICAL SELF-CARE is about surrounding yourself with people who support you.  I AM LIMITLESS is your community to connect during circle and beyond with a private Facebook Group just for this intimate sisterhood.

More About Your Guide

Hallie Avolio is the ultimate In Demand Women.  With 3 kids, a husband, a household and a thriving business, she knows how hard it can be to choose YOU.  Hallie is a born-leader and loves guiding women through practicing her 5 Pillars of Wisdom to master your mindset and live your best life!

What Other Sassy Women Are Saying About The Women's Circle

"I highly recommend Hallie’s women’s circle. It was a wonderful experience to meet women from all over and hear their thoughts on all of the fantastic topics that were covered weekly. Hallie has a way with people that is very inspirational yet calming and centered."
Liz H.
"Amazing experience! A bubble of connection and inspiration that uplifted not only my evenings, but my whole lifestyle! I created new healthy habits with the support of the group, reflected and progressed on deep questions essential to my well-being as a woman, felt a heartwarming sense of belonging and sisterhood... and last but not least, getting an extra weekly shot of Hallie's energy and wisdom is such a treat! If you're looking for a safe space to grow and have fun at the same time, you'll be in great hands."
Laura P.
Intimacy Coach
"Being a part of this women's circle helped me see some new perspectives and an appreciation for those who think differently than me and have a space of respect for them. I enjoyed talking with the various themes in a open, safe space. It was a space of listening and no judgement."
Kristin K.
Women's Empowerment Leader

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