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Sassy AF Business Consulting

Welcome to Sassy AF Business Consulting

Creating business strategies that are CLEAR, CONFIDENT & SASSY AF!

Our Services

You are an entrepreneur who knows the success of your business depends on your ability to REACH your ideal client and CONNECT with them in a meaningful way.  At Sassy AF Business Consulting we help you create a marketing and sales strategy that resonates with your  ideal client so you can make more MONEY!

Personal Branding

Who is your ideal client?  We help you understand this concept so your marketing strategy is consistent & effective.

Consistent Messaging

The words you use to reach your ideal client are key to your success.  We help you determine your message authentically.

Social Media

Social media is the BEST way to ATTRACT a larger audience.  We teach you the different platforms and how to leverage them  for your business.

Sales consulting

Are you converting your prospects to paying customers?  We teach you how to close more sales with warm and cold leads.

E-mail marketing

Are your e-mails getting read or deleted without being opened?  We help you write e-mails that convert and teach you tools to grow your list!


As your business cheerleader, we make sure you know the tools for success and hold you accountable to getting it done and having fun while doing it!

Why Sassy AF Business consulting?

Being SASSY AF means showing up in your business with confidence and clarity.  This will allow you to grow audience awareness as you communicate your marketing to your ideal client.  You want to be strategic, use your authentic voice and have fun while doing it!  The end-result–you have an accountability partner to help you succeed and you make more money!  It’s a win-win!

success is yours

Your success is our success!  Our business philosophy is to find the right solution that fits your budget and your creative style.  If marketing and sales isn’t SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE & FUN why bother?  

Who we serve

Sassy AF Business Consulting is for sassy entrepreneurs with SOUL!  We specialize in health & wellness professionals, spiritual practitioners, fitness pros, nutrition experts & creative entrepreneurs.

More inspiration!

You are not just defined by your business–you are a multi-passionate person!  We want to not only help you SHOW UP in your business, but also help you SHOW UP in life!  Check out our podcast for even more motivation to get you feeling SASSY every day.


Let’s break it down, Sister so you know why you are here!
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