Sassy AF Affirmation Deck


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Are you ready to feel SASSY AF???  This deck of 50+ affirmation cards will get you feeling that way every day!

Cards can be tucked into your purse, briefcase, diaper bag, desk drawer or any other spot you will see them as a constant reminder of your greatness.  And of course, you can pull cards from the deck anytime you need a mental boost to make your confidence skyrocket.

This affirmation deck cards are playing card size and make great gifts for all of the women in your life.

While you can use these any way you like, one fun option we suggest is folding one card in with each pair of your clean panties when you put them away in your drawer. Each morning when you wake up and select a fresh pair of underwear, you will unwrap a card that makes you feel powerful, energized and SASSY AF! *note we don’t suggest putting the cards in your underwear while wearing them!