Owning what makes you sparkle

When you were a kid, did you dance to your own beat or did you desire to conform and be part of the crowd?  In our culture, it is not always easy to be different and stand out.  Think about the kid who wears glasses, has a perpetual out-of-style haircut or some sort of speech impediment.  She might be ostracized for her differences.  Made fun of by her peers.  Laughed at and ridiculed for traits that are beyond her control.  While she may be told, “Don’t let that bother you, Honey.” And, “Your differences are what make you beautiful,” it’s not always easy to feel confident when you feel like an outsider.

For those of us who can relate to any of these scenarios, think about how this impacts your current state and how you move into the future.  When you let your past experiences rule your present, you are forced to repeat a history that does not serve you well.  Author John C. Maxwell states, “For years I kept a sign on my desk that helped me maintain the right perspective concerning yesterday.  It simply said, ‘yesterday ended last night.’…” (15 Invaluable Laws of Growth).

Now that you are a grown woman (and an amazing one at that!) how can you push past the hurt in your past about being unique and different and OWN that in the present?  We are all unique and bring our own perspective, vision, feelings and processes to the world.  The way you do something or the way you act may be different than your peers, and that’s OK!  In fact, think how boring life would be if we lived in a homogeneous world.

As a Sassy Healthy Fit IDW, consider what makes you sparkle and stand out.  When it feels scary and out of your comfort zone, take a deep breath, swallow your fear and DO THE DAMN THING!  Failure is not the end of the world, but not making progress forward for fear of failing is.  Don’t let your desire to fit in rule your thoughts and cloud your unique vision.  Know that your sparkle is beautiful and necessary.  Sometimes you may sparkle brighter than other times, but never let that light be dimmed.