The Panty Fairy’s Story


Have you heard of the Panty Fairy? If not you need to know about this amazing creature.  The Panty Fairy is not tied to any holiday, while she may appear around birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, she can also appear at any time.


Who is the Panty Fairy and what does she do?? The Panty Fairy delivers panties!  She hides them in places the SASSY woman in your life will find them. She hides them in purses, drawers, medicine cabinets, pockets, between the pages of books, everywhere!  The Panty Fairy is creative and cunning and loves to surprise SASSY women with cute panties that make her feel SASSY!


Below are some links to great deals on bundles of panties and a list of hiding places the Panty Fairy loves to use.


For an extra special treat you can get the Sassy AF! Affirmation Deck and wrap each pair of panties around an affirmation card.  Now where the Panty Fairy strikes there will not only be a SASSY pair of panties, but a bright AFFIRMATION to go with it!


Links to panties:


Panty Fairy’s favorite hiding places:


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Be creative and have fun!  The Panty Fairy is all about fun, love and happy, SASSY energy!