You are a

Playful Attractors are some of the most powerful manifestors! Here's why:

You love to have fun, play big, and go after your wildest dreams! Manifestation is super fun for you and results pour in with ease. 

Once you discovered your ability to manifest anything you desire, you were like a kid in a candy store.

 Manifest money?  Done!  Manifest a hot, juicy relationship? Done!  Manifest your best health? Done!

 Whether you’re shopping for new crystals or oracle decks, getting a tarot reading done, or participating in an abundance ritual…you’re here for it.

 Your day-to-day life is centered around feeling good, having fun, and spreading joy.  It’s no wonder that others LOVE to be around you.  You’re the life of the party and you can always cheer someone up on a bad day.

 You’re happiest when you’re making your latest vision board or living your life in the “main character” energy of your biggest, boldest dreams.  Each day is a new adventure and you can’t wait to see what is in front of you.

You also love to tell your friends, loved ones, and anyone who will listen how much you love creating magic in this world.  Your social media posts have so many likes and comments because everyone wants to have a taste of your daily energy.

Your super high-vibe, playful nature makes manifestation joyful and magical!

Why it's GREAT to be a Playful Attractor:

What frustrates the Playful Attractor:

What's my next move? I need to know what steps to take!

Your manifestation journey can feel super frustrating when you don’t manifest consistently.  Receiving what you are dreaming of is extremely exciting and produces a massive high, but when it doesn’t happen with ease or regularly, it can feel discouraging.

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