The word “sassy” can conjure up a LOT of images.  But we are not talking about how you describe your tween daughter who likes to roll her eyes at you every time you make even the simplest suggestion about her life.  When we talk about being SASSY, we are talking about REAL LIFE.  We are talking about the things women love to talk about.  Fashion, make up, date nights!, relationships, girl talk, female struggles (ummm…can we just say PMS???), etc.  You get the picture!  Sassy is a way of life.  It’s how you take the world by storm and show the world what you are made of.  Sassy might not always be pretty, but being SASSY is about attitude, daily life, friendships, spouses/life-partners, having fun and so much more!

What does it mean to be healthy?  Does it mean that you have to subsist on a diet of kale and tofu?  NO WAY!!!  Being healthy is about what makes you feel good MIND, BODY AND SOUL.  If we want our bodies to be healthy, we have to move them and nourish them.  But to have a healthy body you also have to have a healthy mind and soul.  This is where we talk about self-care and personal growth.  Ideas for SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE & FUN meal planning.  What the best new products are to keep us feeling at our prime.  Healthy has to be a sustainable way of living and when you feel supported and find your community, you will feel healthy throughout your being.

Fitness is HOT right now!  It is IN to be fit.  “Strong is the new skinny” is one of our favorite quotes.  We want to help support your fitness journey and meet you where you are.  The thing about fitness is that there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!  This the area where you can learn about new (or new to you!) concepts around how to keep your body fit.  Looking for workout ideas or suggestions?  Want to find a virtual fitness buddy through our Sassy Healthy Fit community?  And what about those sexy workout clothes and handy gadgets/tools that make your fitness game ON POINT?  You will find all that right here!