Introducing the Live, Love, Be Sassy Mastermind!

A course by Hallie Avolio designed to help you manifest more self-love, self-acceptance, healthy relationships, success, and abundance.

Through this journey, you’ll be empowered and educated by Hallie and other experts on how to truly live your best life, LOVE who you are, and Be Sassy — AKA show up unapologetically and play by your own rules to have more fun!

Here's where you are now:

You have tried to do the work on yourself — maybe even with me! — and now you want to do a deeper dive on what else is possible.  

You KNOW the universe has something bigger in store for you. You’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

All you need is the space, guidance, and a community of other Sassy humans to support you in pinpointing the limiting beliefs, self-doubt and overwhelm preventing you from reaching that next level.

"I am feeling so powerful right now and I wanted to let you know that you played a significant part in that because of our conversation. After our chat, I shared with my team a huge dream that I’m manifesting, and minutes later, an affirmation popped up that was perfectly aligned with what I had just shared."

Stephanie W

Anna K

“Thank you for holding space for me. I know this was definitely not planned but obviously it needed to come through. I really appreciate you and this was so magical today. Thank you.”

Here's How It's Going to Go Down:

As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to the course, which will be updated monthly with topics including, but not limited to,

Each month there will be 2 calls: one training, and one group coaching call!

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group with exclusive, VIP content such as: audio recordings, live trainings, journal prompts, tips, and more!

**Option to add on 1:1, private coaching and/or Voxer coaching also available. 

Imagine THIS being your life in 6 months...

"You are making a difference and I'm taking my next steps. I'm in a great place. Thank you for being a star in my world of transformation."


"You have been amazing and your videos have helped me a lot."


"Hallie is legit in what and how she speaks to teach you. Follow her, you will learn no matter where you are on your journey on the Self-development trail.”


Let’s break it down some more:

"Hallie provided authentic feedback and helped me figure out where and how to greatly improve my relationships and interactions with others as well as myself. I highly recommend coaching with Hallie. She is authentic, speaks from the heart, and is very skilled at what she does for others."

Sonia B.


"Thanks to you for affirming it for me all year! So much love and appreciation to you Hallie. Our work is magic and you have such a gift to bring out everyone’s highest light and vibrations."

Genie M.

Feeling called to begin your journey to a "F*CK YEAH" life today?

Right now, you can join the Mastermind for either:

$1998 for 6 months (pay-in-full) or, $333/month

**Pay-in-full BONUS = one 1:1 Coaching Session ($425 value!)


The Live, Love, Be Sassy Mastermind is held in a private Facebook group that will only have mastermind members. However, expert trainings and group coaching sessions will be hosted on Zoom and stored in the online course portal. Facebook live sessions and audios will also be saved and available to access through the online course platform.

Yes, you can pay $333 monthly!

You can choose to continue or you can choose to pause!  Whatever is aligned with you at that time.

You can sign up at any time and pay through the calendar scheduling link.

You can sign up at any time and pay through the calendar scheduling link.

Voxer is a private messaging app that we can chat on 24/7 for extra support! It will be completely private. Yes, you can add this on at any time.

They will be recorded and available for you to watch anytime in the course portal. You can also DM or E-Mail Hallie with any follow up questions, or schedule a 1:1 coaching session!

This course and community is for you, no matter how you identify. This is a safe space for anyone who feels called to learn more about spirituality, self-love, overcoming limiting beliefs, and living in alignment.

Hi, my name is Hallie Avolio...

I am SUPER PUMPED to help you create a life you love that is Sassy As F*ck and makes you feel amazing. 

Let me tell you a tiny bit more about ME so you know that you are in the right place… 

I am not a TYPICAL anything… that includes woman, mother, friend, entrepreneur or coach.  And you aren’t either.  That’s why we are attracted to each other!

I LOVE working with humans who are ready to get UNSTUCK, find SELF-LOVE, and MANIFEST THEIR PURPOSE!

I consider myself to be an affirmation queen, lover of core values, and pretty obsessed with teaching you how to live with intention. And let’s not forget the Law of Attraction!

I also love coffee, chocolate, bubble baths, champagne, the beach, my husband, my kids, and surrounding myself with amazing people who are READY TO LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

We have come together for a reason… and I look forward to discovering more about YOU and what that reason is.