Elevate Your Energy: Understanding the Connection Between the Moon Phases and Our Energy

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"My life can be a rollercoaster of emotions and too often than not, I never take enough time out to work on my struggles even though I know by neglecting my own self-care I jeopardize my happiness and peace of mind. Hallie gave me the opportunity to take that time for me and be around beautiful women that want the same thing for themselves. She gave me a platform to feel inspired and worthy. The moon is so powerful and I really honor Hallie for this wonderful opportunity."
Kayla B.
"This class was inspiring and empowering. I learned even more about the Moon and it’s powerful influence over our lives. Hallie taught me wonderful manifestation and meditation practices as well as how to work with crystals, goddesses and physical exercises for each phase of the Moon. The oracle card readings were another powerful and insightful tool. I highly recommend this insightful class."
Elizabeth I.
"I enjoyed this training as it was very informative, organized and thought out. You are provided with so much information about the moon cycles, how they are connected to the feminine, our lives and along with tools and ways to incorporate these energies into you everyday life. I also really enjoyed connect with other beautiful women!"
Katrina R.

When we understand the energy in the Universe, we better understand ourselves. When we connect to the Universe, we connect to our heart-space and we learn that everything is possible.

Hallie Avolio
hallie avolio