Sassy AF TV (Ep. 15): Honey Bee…Just Start The Damn Thing!

Gabriella Rosie Australian Artist and Affirmation Deck creator

Everyone has a creative side!   Do you believe that?  Think about when you were a child and you craved drawing, playing with clay, building blocks and making up games.   Make something, start it, create it, share it!–Gabriella Rosie   The human mind wants to create and we all have the ideas inside us.  […]

Sassy AF TV (Ep. 5): Create The Life You Want!

sassy af tv create the life you want

Create the Life You Want Have you ever felt stuck?  Or like you just don’t feel motivated to do all the things you have to do?   You had this vision in your mind about what your life was going to be like and then all the sudden you wake up one day and realize, […]