Everyone has a creative side!


Do you believe that?  Think about when you were a child and you craved drawing, playing with clay, building blocks and making up games.


Make something, start it, create it, share it!–Gabriella Rosie


The human mind wants to create and we all have the ideas inside us.  The key to sparking your creative spirit is running with your ideas and taking action.


Creating from within


Gabriella Rosie offers so much wisdom in this interview.  She talks about how she has always felt creative, but has expressed it in many ways throughout her life.


Creativity comes from within each of us, but there is no “right way” to be creative.  Gabriella talks about the beautiful,  feminine energy of creativity that is within all of us.


We need to listen more closely to what’s inside of us and not worry about the external validation from others.


Honey Bee…Just start the damn thing


As Gabriella says, you have to keep it simple and do the work consistently.  Once you have an idea, just start it and let it grow.  Then you can add on over time and see what develops!


Make something, start it, create it, share it!


There is exhilaration in the uncertainty.–Gabriella Rosie

What about affirmations?


Affirmations are a beautiful tool to inspire and motivate you each day.  The Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck is a great example of a creative idea Gabriella had and ran with and is now on its 3rd edition.


If you want to learn more about affirmations, check out this article!  Oooo…. And did you know we have an affirmation deck too??? Check out the Sassy AF Affirmation Deck.


Meet Gabriella Rosie

Gabriella Rosie artist australia bad bitch affirmation cards

Gabriella Rosie is a artist whose work spans from painting and illustrating to writing, speaking, and coaching. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to create with impassioned freedom and believes that our unique creativity is the key to our self-actualization. Her Bad Bitch Affirmation cards have become a cult favorite around the world. You can connect with Gabriella on Instagram @gabriellarosie and stay up to date on new work and projects at www.gabriellarosie.com


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