Sassy AF TV (Ep. 5): Create The Life You Want!

Create the Life You Want

create the life you want

Have you ever felt stuck?  Or like you just don’t feel motivated to do all the things you have to do?


You had this vision in your mind about what your life was going to be like and then all the sudden you wake up one day and realize, “SHIT!!!  This is not at all what I had in mind at all…”.


What if you could change that?  What if you could make your life how you want it and start living that life NOW?  That would make you feel pretty fantastic, right???


“Success & mindset are my jam and strategy is my toast”


In this episode of Sassy AF TV, Kai Alday tells her story of feeling stuck.  Of missing out on important milestones in her children’s lives.  Kai felt obligated to follow a certain professional path, but then realized she wasn’t happy doing it.


What does it cost you to stay where you are at?


We have all been there.  Sometimes it takes that “oh shit” moment to make the change.  Sometimes it takes an extreme family situation like an illness or accident.  Kai’s mission is to help women make those changes now, without waiting for a traumatic event to happen.


Kai asks the question, “What does it cost you to stay where you’re at?”  She encourages women to think about their life from a place of allowing yourself to dream and finding small ways that make you happy now.  She teaches her clients that you have two choices in life…you either change it or accept it.


How do I make the changes?


One strategy Kai implements in her own life and in her coaching practice is what she calls the Life Map.  The Life Map allows you to focus on your “why” and really decide what values are important to you.


Focus on your ‘why’ and really decide what values are important to you.


As you go through this exercise, you reverse engineer your life goals based upon your values and always keeping your “why” at the forefront.  By laying out your goals in this strategic, systematic way, it is easier to follow your purpose and find success each step of the way.


More about Kai Alday

kai alday success life coach and business coach

Kai Alday of Success Alday is a certified business and life coach.  From the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, Kai is the mother to 3 beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.  She coaches women to build their life first and business second. Her “Life First Business Model” creates a business and life that are aligned and drool-worthy.  Kai is a huge believer in entrepreneurship and the impact of small businesses on the community. She teaches that there are many ways to “do life” and that success doesn’t just have one definition.


You can find Kai on her website at  She also has a podcast called Success Alday and you can find her on Instagram and Facebook @successalday.


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