Sassy AF TV (Ep. 4): Different is Sexy

Different is Sexy

different is sexy self confidence for women

What makes you different is where your power lies.  You might not always believe that, but it’s true!  It can be hard to put aside our ego and accept ourselves for who we are.


Real In Demand Women know that they are the Bad Ass Boss Bitch they want to be and they can get anything done they desire!


When you embrace what makes you different and unique, you embrace yourself authentically and you SHOW UP as the beautiful, powerful, amazing woman that you are.


What makes you different is where your power lies.

The Itty-Bitty Shitty Committee


What about those negative voices that pop into your head every now and again and plant seeds of self-doubt?


Our guest on this episode of Sassy AF TV, Vanessa McWilliams, calls those voices “the itty-bitty shitty committee” and she says… tell them to SHUT UP!


When you listen to others’ opinions or feel insecure about showing up as your authentic self, you give away your power to truly shine.  Vanessa encourages women to increase their own confidence by acknowledging the voices, but shutting them down by saying “NO WAY!”


Decide to Fight For Yourself


“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”  This famous quote by Henry Ford couldn’t be more true when it comes to self-confidence.


If you feel like a confident woman, the world is going to see your confidence radiate.  You have to fight every day to stop the limiting beliefs that pop into your mind.


Vanessa encourages women to deal with being uncomfortable.  Really embrace it.  Process the discomfort and then DO THE DAMN THING ANYWAY!  If you want to be a confident woman, you will be…just as you are!


More About Vanessa McWilliams

vanessa mcwilliams promotes self confidence for all women

Vanessa is our first international guest joining us from Canada!  She is a motivational speaker and personal development coach who lives to inspire others.  Vanessa tells us her beautiful story of being diagnosed with Alopecia at age 9 and all of the struggles and turbulence her life faced throughout her childhood.  Vanessa is a true hero who experienced bullying, substance abuse and two suicide attempts before she was able to find her own voice and walk into her role as a powerful teacher of confidence and self-love.  Vanessa is the mom to two beautiful boys and wife to a wonderfully, supportive husband.  She helps women transform themselves through her coaching practice and transformation weekend.  In her own words, “My passion in life is kindness–I believe that everything done with kindness, has the ability to help change the world.”


You can find Vanessa McWilliams through her website ( and on Instagram & Facebook @vanessa_mcwilliams.


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