How To Have More Energy and Increase Your Confidence & Positivity

how to have more energy and increase your confidence and positivity




Have you ever desired to have more energy?  Have you ever felt depleted and as though you physically and mentally can’t motivate to do more and show up in your life?


That is NOT living!  That is victim-mentality and we want to help shape your mindset so you can BE YOUR OWN HERO.


We are going to teach you how to have more energy, both physically and mentally.  We want you to control your energy so you can feel confident, accomplish your goals and live a life that is well-rounded.  You deserve to receive and give the energy that inspires and motivates you.


How does energy impact your every day life?

energy impacts your every day life and you want to have more positive energy to have more overall energy

Think about a time when you stumbled through the day and felt as though you were moving in slow motion.  We have all had days like that.  How did you start that day?  What plans did you have in place for that day?


Most likely, you were not intentional with your time and you didn’t have a plan in place or direction to follow.  Most likely, you were going through the motions and spiraling downward either into lethargy or into self-deprecation as the day continued.




If you want to have more energy and motivation, you have to DECIDE to take control and acknowledge that by increasing your physical and mental energy, you will feel more motivated, happier and productive.


To take it a step further, the energy you give, is the energy you receive.  If you start your day in a low-energy state, your reaction to others that day will mirror your actions.  Subconsciously, those in your presence will lower their energy to match yours.  It becomes a cycle that is hard to break until you consciously decide to break it!


However, if you wake up with a smile on your face, an intentional plan for your day and a skip in your step…guess what?  That energy will be mirrored and your positivity will continue to increase.  Positivity creates positivity.  Your energy exchange will continue to lift you up as your day goes on.


The energy you give is the energy you receive.


Sounds simple enough, but sometimes it feels so overwhelming, right?


Don’t over-complicate this!  Let’s discuss some best practices you can start using NOW to shift your energy and promote your overall well-being.



having routines and structure serve as anchors in your life is beneficial

Humans thrive on routine.  Even if you are a free-spirit, you have recurring rituals in your life that are grounding and serve as anchors.  Honoring these anchors will help you have more energy and live purposefully and intentionally.


You probably hear successful people talk about morning routines…like ALL THE TIME!  Why is this?  Because they work!


The good news about morning routines…you can create one that works for you!  There is no right “morning routine”.  In fact, if you subscribe to you will get examples of a different morning routine from a real person each week.


The good news about morning routines…you can create one that works for you!


The reason morning routines work is because they are anchors.  They give us structure to know exactly what is going to happen.  Therefore, we know how we will be using our energy first thing in the morning when we are fresh and rested.  It is hard to procrastinate or “miss” a morning routine because there is nothing ahead of it to distract you.


Nighttime routines are also beneficial.  Research shows that we need sleep to reduce stress.  Sleep deprivation is a major cause of stress, anxiety, weight gain and many other physical ailments.


So, why are we not sleeping enough?  Because we get caught up in trying to do “all the things” and we don’t prioritize ourselves.  Especially as In Demand Women.


Girlfriend!  You need to get enough sleep.  Implementing a nighttime routine allows your body to follow a pattern and know when to slow down to ease into a peaceful rest period.


And you know what?  Consistent, good sleep leads to increased energy!  It’s that simple!  Don’t over-complicate this.


Follow these two simple routines and you will have more energy!  What other routines can you follow that will anchor you?


Letting go of the past


letting go of you past and negative energy will help you feel more positive

One of the biggest energy-sucks is resentment, anger and negative feelings.  So let that shit go!


Remember the Disney movie Frozen?  Remember Queen Elsa and her infamous song “Let It Go!”?  If you have small children this song probably played on repeat until your entire household was sick of it.


It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me

I’m free

-Elsa, “Let It Go”

Once you let go of old feelings, especially those of hurt, anger or resentment, you create space in yourself for positive energy and new feelings.  You need to create that space because there is only so much room inside of you.  Don’t waste your energy on stored up negativity!


This isn’t always easy!  How do we let go?


Radical forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to let go and move on.  Are you ready to forgive?  This includes forgiving YOURSELF for any past mistakes, wrong-doings, imperfections, etc.


When you forgive, you release the negativity.  It washes away like the tide going out and your body, mind and spirit feel free.  You have more energy because you are no longer focused on the negativity and putting energy toward bad feelings.


When you let go of the negativity, you release the toxic energy your body is holding onto.


Some simple steps to let go and forgive:


When you let go of the negativity, you release the toxic energy your body is holding onto.  You feel free and released.  You feel the positive energy flood your body.  You are healthier and decrease your stress levels and anxiety.  You will live longer and happier.


Don’t over-complicate this… let it all go.


Surround yourself with positive people

having more positive people in your life helps you have more energy

You have probably heard the adage, “You are a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  Do you believe this to be true?


Think about it.  When you are with a group of uplifting people, how do you feel?  Pretty freaking awesome right?  This is why events like personal development conferences are so popular and powerful.  When you are in a room with high-energy, positive people you feel like super-woman!


What happens when you are with Negative Nelly or Debbie Downer?  You feel like shit.  Right?  Have you ever been out with a group of friends who spend the entire time complaining?  You come home and start focusing on everything that is wrong in your life.


The same applies to content you consume.  Broadcast news thrives on this concept because they know that people are drawn to drama and negative stories.  They sensationalize what is going on in the world and focus on all the bad stuff–shootings, burglaries, legal battles.  We get sucked in and this begins to shape our personal, outward energy.


What about social media?  If you find your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed full of comments regarding political unrest, mini-rants or general complaining, you see the world that way too.


Choose who you spend your time with and say NO to those who don’t fill your cup.


So change it up!  Don’t let others’ negativity bring you down!  Choose who you spend your time with and say no to those who don’t fill your cup.


Social media is 100% in your control and can be the most powerful tool for positive energy out there!  You might have to unfollow some people, but if you want to make friends and find community of like-minded people who will lift you up–it’s there.


In fact, we have a growing community for women following the Sassy Healthy Fit lifestyle and we would love to have you join us.  Find our Empowered to Live My Sassy Life group here!


It is that simple… if you want to have more energy and positivity, surround yourself with others who feel the same.  Positive energy means increased energy.  Don’t over-complicate it!


You are in control of your life!

you have control of the energy that you have

Don’t forget, you have to BE YOUR OWN HERO!  That means believing enough in yourself that you control your well-being: mind, body and soul.  When you are in control, you have more energy and positivity pours from your being.


This might seem counter-intuitive to the stories you have been telling yourself or the stories you have heard your entire life.


As a child, you are controlled by your parents.  They decide what you do, what rules you follow, who you spend time with. 


As a young adult, you followed the guidance of teachers or felt peer-pressure from friends and class-mates. 


As an adult, you might feel a slave to your job or your own expectations of how your life is supposed to be.  You might feel controlled by your partner/spouse, your role as parent, your status in your social circle.


You need to stop telling yourself these narratives!  You are the only one who controls her life and YOU have the RIGHT to put yourself first and decide how you live.


You are worthy of living a life for you that is full of positive energy, wellness and also intimately involved with all those you love in your life.


You are worthy of living a life for you that is full of positive energy, wellness and also intimately involved with all those you love in your life.  You need to remember that your needs don’t come second place to anyone else.  In fact, when you put yourself second, third or even last…you deplete your energy so much that you aren’t showing up for those in your life.  Just like you aren’t showing up for yourself.


A great practice to have more energy and increase feeling in control is affirmations.  Affirmations can be considered journal prompts, prayers or spiritual practice.  The point is that they are tools to create space for you to feel positive and live your best life.


Affirmations are easy to implement!  If you can’t think of them on your own, there are tons of “affirmation card decks” on the market (including this great one that we made called Sassy AF! Affirmation Deck).


Write down affirmations in your journal, on your mirror, on post-it notes at your desk.  Put the cards by your bedside table or in your purse.


Say them out loud.  Write them down.  Meditate with them.  The idea is that they help you focus on you.  And when you focus on you, you will have more energy, positivity, feel more confident and in control.


Some affirmations that we love are:

I am worthy

I am available to give and receive positive energy

I am beautiful inside and out and I was put on this Earth to share my gifts with the world


Remember, keep this simple and don’t over-complicate it.  It is essential to take control of your own life and it is easy to do so once you make the decision.



if you want more energy then you have to decide to have more energy

In conclusion, the way to have more energy is 100% in your control.  If you feel like you need more energy, then Sister, create more energy!  When we spend time looking internally and living intentionally, we find the time for all the things we want to do.


If you feel like you need more energy, then Sister, create more energy!


When you are your own hero and ditch the victim-mentality, your energy is boundless.  You welcome others into your life that create this same energy-space and you feel positive and uplifted.


We want to hear from you: What’s one way you will start increasing your energy today?  Please comment below and share this article with your friends and/or on social media!