Working out is hard enough as it is!  As you know, time is of the essence.  Our biggest battle as In Demand Women is finding the time to do anything…especially working out!


We hear you on this and we want to help remove as many barriers to entry as possible.


Let’s focus on one small piece of the puzzle to help you get from the comfort of your home to the luxury of the gym where you GET TO workout (notice the mindset shift…not “I HAVE TO workout” but “I GET TO workout”).


What on earth do I need to keep in my gym bag at all times so that I’m ready to go and not thwarted by having to remember all the details every time I want to work out???


  1. Sneakers! If you show up at the gym after work in your heels or on a cold morning in your Uggs, it’s going to make it a lot harder to get your sweat on.  Grab a pair of “gym specific” sneakers and keep them in your gym bag.  (Check out these cross trainers from Asics that we love!  If you are on a budget and looking for a more budget-friendly option, check out your local Marshall’s, Ross or TJ Maxx for your extra pair of kicks.)
  2. Water bottle.  You don’t want to have to run to the water fountain in the middle of your spin class so keep an empty water bottle you can refill at the gym.
  3. Towel.  If your gym doesn’t supply towels, keep an extra hand towel to wipe the sweat, we mean, the glisten, from your brow.  Make it easy on yourself and buy a set of inexpensive ones that you can keep in your gym bag so you don’t have to remember to wash your only one in between visits to the gym.
  4. Headphones.  Whether you like to listen to music or watch Netflix when working out, headphones will make the experience that much more enjoyable.
  5. Hair ties/head band.  There is not much worse that trying to get your groove on the treadmill with your hair in your face!
  6. Shower shoes.  Preferably rubber flip flops you can wear in the gym shower to protect your feet from whatever might be on the locker room floor.
  7. Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash…sealed in a Ziploc bag.  If you gym doesn’t provide these amenities and you need to take a full shower after your workout, you will be set.  If your gym does provide them, an extra set is handy in case they run out!
  8. 2 plastic bags.  One is for your shower shoes when they are wet and the other is for your sweaty gym clothes when you are done working out.  It will help keep your gym bag from getting mildewy and stinky.
  9. $5.  It’s always good to keep a little cash in your gym bag in case you haven’t had time to eat and need to purchase a quick pre or post workout snack.


Our goal is to help make it easy for you to implement fitness into your everyday, demanding life.  We would love to know what you keep in your gym bag to make your life easier!