Sometimes there just isn’t TIME for a full meal!  And sometimes life gets crazy and your meals are awkwardly spread apart.  And…then there is just the desire to have a bite mid-afternoon when your sweet tooth (or salty!) kicks in.


The solution…SNACKS!


Snacks are awesome, but they can also be detrimental to your health journey if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating, how often and in what quantity.


We want to offer you some awesome on-the-go foods that will work for you and your whole family!



Have you heard this expression before?  And NO…we are not talking about candy-binging on a GIANT BAG OF SKITTLES!!!  It means that you should fuel your body with foods that are all the colors of the rainbow to maximize the nutrients that your body needs.  Fruits and vegetables are a great way to eat the rainbow and there are so many that are awesome snacks!  Here are a few of our favorites that are easy to grab and consume wherever you are:


Red: Strawberries!  Full of vitamins C & K, folate, potassium; low calorie, high fiber and delicious! 

Orange: Cuties!  These small-sized oranges are easy-to-peel and full of flavor & vitamins.

Yellow: Mini bell peppers!  Chock full of vitamins like C, B6, K1, potassium; taste great and easy to take with you

Green: Celery is all the rage, especially celery juice.  Low in calories and can reduce inflammation, blood pressure and even reduces risk of cancer.  Spread your favorite nut-butter on it and even better!

Blue: Blueberries are one of the greatest fruits ever.  They are low in calories, high in anti-oxidants and packed full of nutrients.

Purple: Grapes are a delicious snack any time of day.  Have you ever tried them frozen?  A great treat especially during the hot, summer months.  Also full of important nutrients and they may even decrease blood sugar levels and cholesterol!



Nuts are an awesome snack that will keep anywhere you are. For example, you can leave some in your car, desk drawer, purse or diaper bag without worrying that they will get stale, melt or otherwise go bad.  Nuts provide healthy fats that fuel your body and they are satisfying to crunch and consume!  You can buy un-roasted nuts and roast and season them yourself for additional taste creations.

nut butter pouches
Rx nut butter pouches are a great snack anywhere you go!


Nut butter pouches are also a great snack to keep anywhere!  We like the ones by Rx and Justin’s that only use simple ingredients and come in a variety of flavors.  We also like the macadamia nut butter pouches made by FBomb which are delicious and especially good for those following Keto due to their high fat/low carb ratio.


One caution with nuts (aside from potential food allergies) is that they must not be over consumed.  Since nuts are high in fats, remember to exercise portion control and that a little goes a long way.  A good rule of thumb is 1/8 cup serving is a good amount.



Protein bars or granola bars are a bit of a controversial option.  You really have to be mindful of what bars you are eating and how often.  Many bars have fillers, processed ingredients and chemicals that you don’t want to be eating.  That said, there are several bars that are good choices and great for snacking (especially when you need something more filling that is more of a meal replacement).


Rx Bars: We love this option because they only use whole food ingredients that are super simple and they taste great.  For example, the Peanut Butter Chocolate variety contains 3 egg whites, 14 peanuts, 2 dates and “no B.S.”

Lara Bars
Lara Bars a great bar option because they are only made from 9 whole-food ingredients!

Lara Bars: Another great whole-food bar.  These ones are gluten free and made of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices and each flavor contains no more than 9 ingredients!



Exo Cricket Protein Bars: If you want to read more about the benefits of cricket protein, read our full-length article here.  The Exo cricket protein bars are a great-tasting bar, full of good ingredients and sustainable protein that is great for the environment.

*we are an ambassador for Exo which means YOU get a discount!  Use code SASSY10 at checkout


When it comes to snacking, there are lots of options.  We want to encourage you to make mindful choices when you have the urge to snack or just don’t have time for a full-meal.  If you are a parent, it is even more important to teach your kids the value of fueling your body with good-for-you food instead of processed “junk”.


One final note…while we love snacking as much as the next IDW, before you reach for that snack, consider if you are in fact hungry or if you are only eating to fill an emotional need.  Emotional eating, or boredom eating, can be a slippery slope.  We recommend starting with 8-16 ounces of water before eating a snack to confirm you are in fact hungry.  Plus, this will help ensure your hydration levels are on track for the day!


Happy snacking!