Shopping can be a constant struggle, especially for women.  Some of the challenges you have most likely faced:

Some of these challenges can be overcome with the plethora of home delivery options.  Stitch Fix, for instance, assesses your style preferences, measurements and budget and sends you a monthly shipment with an assortment of clothing and accessories. Rent the Runway offers designer brands of formal and casual clothing and accessories  that are returned after use.   And of course, all your favorite brick and mortar retailers (Nordstrom, Old Navy, Lululemon) offer online shopping and shipping as well.

Beyond doing the actual shopping, it can also be a challenge figuring out what you should wear, when you should wear it, what feels good on your body and what flatters your shape.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to run around in yoga pants or sweats?  Who needs to dress up on an everyday basis?

YOU DO!!! 

 And here’s why:

When you are dressed for success, you are just that…successful!  You wouldn’t show up for a job interview with your hair in a messy bun, your yoga pants and a faded t-shirt would you?  NO WAY!  So, why would you show up for a coffee meeting that way?  When you take the time to dress in a way that suits your body type and personality, you show the world that you are confident, sassy and In Demand!

Dressing well shows confidence.  As much as we might not like to admit it, we all judge and we are all judged…constantly.  While it is important to remember that we need to focus on the good of people on their insides, the fact is that you are still perceived by your outward appearance.  When you take the time to dress appropriately, you demonstrate that you care about yourself and you take pride in your appearance. 

Wearing clothes that fit you…as you move through your journey.  Whether or not you are in a weight-fluctuating season, it is important to wear clothes that fit your body well.  This goes back to the idea of taking pride in your appearance.  If your closet is full of clothes that “will fit me again when I lose 20 pounds”, Sister, it is time to update your closet!  Take some tips from Marie Kondo and evaluate each item of clothing and decide if they fit you NOW or not.  Those that don’t fit, say “thank you, next” and buy a few replacements.  Keep your favorite skinny jeans as motivation to continue on your journey, but make sure you are not sacrificing your appearance because nothing fits you!

We want to encourage you to dress the role of the awesome In Demand Woman you are.  There is a time and place for yoga pants…it’s called YOGA CLASS!  Show the world how empowering you are inside and out, and take control of your wardrobe!