We have talked about the importance of stretching before, but we are going to keep on talking about it because it is so important for our physical health!


It’s great to incorporate stretching into short segments of time during your regular routines, such as before bed, but what about short bursts of stretching you can do any-time/anywhere?

In Demand Women are often on-the-go.  Meaning you are in and out of your car all day long.  Did you know that sitting and driving in your car is one thing that can be really HARD on your body?  It shortens your hamstrings, causes lumbar pain and generally causes your posture to suffer.  If you can incorporate stretching before and after drive time, you will help lengthen and strengthen your muscles to avoid pain and injury!


Some examples of when and where you can stretch on-the-go:

This might seem like a silly idea, but if you can begin to make stretching a habit, your body will thank you for it!  Habits are formed after an average of 66 days and if you can find a trigger to remind you to get started while you are forming the process, you are more likely to be successful.  An example of this is set an alarm to remind you to stretch at the time you pick up your kids from school.


Stretching can easily be done using your car as a prop!

stretching by your car
Stretching can easily be done using your car as a prop!

KISS—Keep It Simple Sister!  Here are some examples of simple stretches that you can do anywhere:

Check out our Pinterest board for more stretching ideas and examples to make sure your form is correct.

Whatever will make this process SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE & FUN is key to your success!  The more you stretch, the better your body will feel and the more productive you will be throughout your In Demand day!