Galentine’s Day might be a new expression, but the bond between women is not!  Whether or not you have a romantic partner this Valentine’s Day, take advantage of this loving time of year to honor your girlfriends, your TRIBE!


The best part about girlfriends is that they know everything about you and vice versa!  They are accepting of you for you.  They are there to listen when you need to share.  They will give you honest advice about whether those jeans make your ass look good!  They laugh their asses off with you when you tell them the embarrassing moment you had in front of your boss the other day.  And when you need someone just to hug you when you need to cry, your girlfriends are there to be your support.


Are you doing enough to show your tribe how much you truly value their friendship?  In today’s culture of information overload and constant communication, it can often be most difficult to foster the special relationships you hold most dear.  If you find that to be true, then it is even more critical that you make extra effort to nurture these tried and true relationships because they are NOT easy to come by.


When was the last time you picked up your phone to actually CALL your bestie?  Do it right now!  She will love to hear your voice!  With our constant inundation of text messages, social media comments and likes and e-mails, sometimes the most basic forms of communication become the most important.  When you have 5-minutes in the car on the way home from work, dial a friend just to say hi.  Or when you are thinking about her during the day, take a 10-minute break to take a quick walk and hit her up on FaceTime.  When you go the extra mile to keep your relationships personal, they are likely to be that much stronger and your friends will appreciate the extra effort.



If it’s been so long since your last Ladies’ Night Out that shoulder pads were still in style, you need to make that happen…STAT!  Pick a date that works for you, a restaurant you enjoy and invite your friends.  In fact, invite a few different friends from different areas of your life (i.e. work friends, mom friends, lifelong friends) and introduce them to one another!  Spending social time over good food and drinks is an awesome way to bond with your tribe and make memories.



As we grow and change throughout our lives, so do our relationships.  How many close friendships do you still maintain from your childhood?  Regardless of the number, those relationships are different than the ones you have formed in adulthood and vice versa.  Sometimes it’s important to build new friendships as you evolve throughout your life.  If you have a new found interest in hiking, perhaps join a hiking group and you will make new friends there.  Or if you are interested in reading, join a local book club to find other avid readers.  Even keep your eyes open for those friends you meet online.  Friends you meet through social media can blossom and become everlasting regardless of your physical distance.


Celebrate your friendships this Galentine’s Day.  The power of the female tribe is fierce and it needs nourishment to grow.  Make sure your ladies know how much you love them today and everyday!