It’s so easy to get caught up in the noise around you.  The comments from your parents about your career.  The remarks your friends make at dinner about your outfit.  The opinions you read in the news about how you should live your life.  The comments made by an anonymous stranger on your latest post on Instagram.  What if you were to shut out that noise and say to yourself, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”?


Let’s take a moment to imagine what your day looks like when you can’t hear the noise.  You wake up and start your day with a clear mind, ready to face the world.  You get dressed and pick out what YOU want to wear.  You get to your office and work on your projects and tasks in your work-style.  You create and learn what you choose to create and learn.  You eat the foods you want to eat.  You purchase the items you want to purchase.  You consume the content that enriches your life and speaks to you and disregard the rest.  You pursue your dreams and passions because they make you happy and make your heart full.


How does that day sound?  Pretty damn good right???  It’s not filled with questions, contradictions, concerns, judgment or guilt.  It’s free and it’s open-minded and it flows.


The bottom line is you can choose to have that day.  You can choose to quiet the noise.  You can choose to live your BEST LIFE EVERY DAY. 


When you wake up tomorrow morning, we want you to have the confidence to own your day the way you want to own it!  And when ANYONE tries to sneak in and take that away from you, just say, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”