It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day ordinariness that is your life.  Maybe you’re bored, stuck in an un-engaging routine, or wondering where the excitement has gone.  If you’re looking for an easy, free way to change your view of the world, try adopting someone else’s view of it!  Below are suggestions for three people/animals to live vicariously through.


Toddlers and young children: everything is shiny, new, and exciting

Everything is new to kids!  They tend to notice things that adults choose to ignore.  It’s not that children have more heightened senses than grown-ups, but they’re more attuned to their senses.  Children will stop to pick a flower, take their food apart before they eat it, and look at us with excitement and curiosity when they hear an airplane but can’t see it.

The takeaway: commit to being more present and mindful.  Start by going through your five senses: what do you see, touch, taste, feel, and hear right now?  Ask yourself those questions anywhere: at work, on a walk, in the car, at a restaurant, in bed, at the gym, etc.  When you elevate your awareness, your mind stops racing and you can fully experience sensations you might otherwise


Puppies: finding joy in every moment

Puppies are adorable, obviously, but they’re also genuinely happy creatures.  They get excited about food, going on walks, and chasing balls—things they do on most days—yet they never get tired of doing them!

The takeaway: think about something you do on most days (eat lunch, shower, etc.) and find the joy in those activities.  Look at your lunch as something enjoyable and nourishing.  A puppy might think, “oh boy, I get to eat something again!”  It’s probably been a while since you thought of lunch with that much enthusiasm, so give it a shot!  Same thing with showering (“oh boy, I get to relax, get warm, and bathe myself with nice-smelling soap!).  Learn to appreciate the routine things in life that you can always count on.  


Significant others and best friends: their passion=your inspiration

Think about your significant other or best friend.  What do they love talking about or doing?  Do they love playing video games, shopping, wine tasting, running, cooking, eating, or spending time with their kids?  Whatever they are passionate about, their face probably lights up when they tell you about it.  They may even invite you to participate in the activity with them.  When someone is passionate about something, their energy is contagious and you can’t help but share in their joy.

The takeaway: first of all, when someone asks you what you are passionate about, it can feel like a daunting, high-pressure question.  Instead, ask yourself what you love talking about to your significant other or best friend.  What subjects or activities make you smile?  Commit to spending more of your energy on those things.  Sassy tip: don’t worry about the validity or perception of your subject (maybe you love reading about celebrities, but would never admit that out loud).  You don’t have to announce your passion to the world, but allow yourself to enjoy your passion without self-judgement!

Kelsie Grau

Kelsie Grau lives and works in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. She loves taking spin classes, lifting weights in the gym, hiking, cooking new recipes, and binge-watching shows with her fiance and puppy. She believes that being authentic, courageous, and confident are some of the keys to staying sassy, healthy, and fit!