RAD Rounds
RAD Rounds


How amazing is it when you get a massage?  The feel of the warm massage table under your body.  The sounds of soothing music playing in the background.  The scent of essential oils in the air and being rubbed into your skin.


The massage therapist asks you where your aches and pains are and when was the last time you received a professional massage.  After some thought, you realize it has been ages since your last massage.  And aches and pains?  It seems like they are everywhere!  You feel tension in your back, neck, hips… all of it.  You know the release from the deep kneading of her fingers and elbows in your muscles will feel amazing, yet you also know the feeling is fleeting since getting a massage is a treat that you haven’t yet been able to work into your regular routine.


Does this ring any bells? 


If you are one of the In Demand Women who prioritize massage and schedule it regularly…YES SISTER!!!  But if you are still struggling to make this your reality, we have a solution that can help alleviate some of the tension and pain in between massage appointments.


RAD Rounds are myofascial release tools that can help break up the fascia in your muscles at any time of day! Especially if you use them in combination with your stretching routine!  If you have ever used a tennis or lacrosse ball to work out the knots in your back, neck, glutes, etc., the concept of RAD Rounds will be familiar to you.


The smallest RAD round ball is great for digging into hard to reach places like the palm of your hand!
The smallest RAD round ball is great for digging into hard to reach places like the palm of your hand!

What we love about them is that they come in a 3-pack with 3 different sizes for use on different parts of your body.  The largest one is great for larger muscle groups such as shoulders, glutes and back.  The medium one can be great for your feet, calves or hips.  And the smallest one is great for those hard to get to spots like the palms of your hands or even your jaw!


The balls themselves are made of silicone so they are easy to clean and can easily be shared without concern for spreading germs.  They are well-constructed and seem to hold up to a variety of conditions and surfaces (carpet, wall, hard floors, etc.).


When you purchase RAD Rounds they come with a PDF guide of exercises and there are several videos on YouTube to further instruct you.  Just like any myofascial release tool (foam roller or massage stick) you want to understand how to use it best and work through the pain to properly release the tension.  Breath is extremely important in this practice, and there are several videos that demonstrate this key component.


At $16 for a set of 3 balls, RAD Rounds are extremely well-priced.  You might even want to get multiple sets to keep at home, at the office and even in your gym bag!


There are no apparent downsides to this product, other than the fact they don’t come with a carrying case.  A little bag would be a nice addition, but that’s easy enough to solve with something you already have!