We all know that stretching is good for us for so many reasons… it improves flexibility, it improves range of motion, it improves joint mobility, it calms the mind, etc. [1]  There is no doubt that we can all benefit from the practice of stretching…but as an In Demand Woman, how do you make stretching a habit [2] that is part of your everyday routine?


Stretch In The Morning

Designate 10 minutes of your morning routine to simple moves like sun salutations , downward facing dog and child’s pose to wake up your mind and body and get ready for your active day!


Stretch At Night

Winding down before you hit the sack is made even more peaceful when you allow your body to stretch out from your day. Likely you have been in and out of the car, sitting at your desk and spending time on your feet. Try a pigeon stretch to open your hip flexors and a hamstring stretch to loosen everything up before you crawl into bed.


Set Your Phone Alarm For 3 Stretch Breaks During The Day

Whether you are at the office, watching your kiddo play soccer or even about to walk into the grocery store, take 2-3 minutes to do a single leg quad stretch, reach your arms above your head and do some forward and backwards shoulder rolls to freshen you up throughout your day.


Keep a Foam Roller and Tennis (or Lacrosse Ball) Under Your Desk.

Whether your desk is at home or at the office, having a foam roller accessible to roll out your hamstrings, glutes and back can make your aches and pains decrease. Not sure how to foam roll?  Check out this video for simple tips!  A tennis or lacrosse ball is another great tool to roll out your feet while sitting at your desk.  You would be surprised how much tension can be released by rolling out the fascia in the soles of your feet and how it will make your whole body feel better as a result [3].


Stretching is something that can be done anytime, anywhere and does not need to be fancy or complex.  By making it part of your daily routine it will be become a habit [2] before you know it, and your mind and body will thank you for it!


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